I still don’t have a car.

I hesitated about writing a post like this, but I’m in a bit of a financial bind.

I still haven’t received the payout from my insurance company for the accident I was in three weeks ago (apparently they used the wrong address and it will be overnighted on Monday),  but because of the age of the car (’99 Toyota Corolla), the payout isn’t enough to get even a good used car.    I’m afraid I will have to resort to a Buy Here Pay Here dealership because my credit is nonexistent (that’s another story I won’t get into here but has to do with my narc ex ruining my credit rating).   That’s a burden I can’t really afford because I don’t earn that much, and it still requires a hefty down payment.


So I’m doing something I feel very uncomfortable doing and asking for help so I can get a good used vehicle.   I hope I’ve been doing something in return like writing and posting interesting and helpful articles that make you think, laugh, or inspire you in some way.

Thanking you in advance.  Any amount you can give is appreciated!

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12 thoughts on “I still don’t have a car.

  1. That is a hard sort of post to write. My budget will take some close examination to figure out what I may be able to do to help. I heard (on WCQS/BPR in Asheville) of a possible resource, Working Wheels [https://workingwheelswnc.org/].

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  2. I so wish I could help…but I’ve had to post please help me financially posts before…and they do work. also go to the gofundme website and post there. it is worldwide now and you should be able to get funding through them as well. I don’t have a pot to pee in half the time otherwise I would send money today. Hang in there……..

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  3. I just started reading your blog. I need help too, so I know it’s hard to ask, but that’s the only way people know you need. What I did was start a gofundme page. Hard thing is advertising when one doesn’t know anybody, like me, but this might be helpful for you, if you can advertise it. Your identity can be sort of private. Anyway, praying for you! Hope God provides for you!

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