How Evangelical Christianity’s brand is all used up.


Here is an insightful article from Raw Story that describes how Evangelical Christianity became so tied up with the Trumpian Republican Party, and how right wing political policies have damaged the reputation (“brand”) of evangelical Christianity in general.

In fact, many Christian leaders, even from conservative denominations like the Southern Baptist Convention, are divorcing themselves from the term “evangelical” because of  negative associations with the worst human traits, which have only become worse since Trump was elected and has shamelessly pandered to the Christian right in spite of his debauched lifestyle (which he has never repented for) and evil policies.

How Evangelical Christianity’s Brand is All Used Up

6 thoughts on “How Evangelical Christianity’s brand is all used up.

  1. Thanks for pointing the finger (and I love the absurdity of Jesus holding a carnivorous dinosaur to him instead of the lamb–sheesh). How long before PureFlix comes out with a Jurassic Kingdom meets Jesus movie, I wonder? I think I threw up a little inside just thinking about it.

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    • there’s already a theme park, I think in Kentucky, using the creation story as its theme and providing “scientific” dioramas to prove the earth is only six thousand years old, man and dinosaurs coexisted, etc etc.

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      • Yeah, I saw the video “atheists at the creation museum”. Some of their pictures were hilarious, like Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden with a dinosaur and a penguin.
        It’s frightening how so many small children are brought to that place and will come out believing it’s true… they’ve made a very slick production there, making it look like a legit museum, and it’s just scary.

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        • If education were a higher priority in this country, you’d have less gullible people who think fairy tales are science, and conspiracy theories are news. People can’t think critically and that’s sad. It’s also what led us to Trump.

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