A few days before Christmas, my daughter was in a car wreck. She is fine (no injuries), but unfortunately her car was totalled.

Her narc father pays for her car insurance (which is in his name) because due to her age and a few driving violations when she was younger (including driving without a license), rates for her are astronomical and I can’t afford to put her on my insurance either.

It was raining hard and a truck suddenly cut in front of her, her brakes locked up (she didn’t have ABS brakes), and she hydroplaned into the guardrail. She is fine but was pretty shaken up and it could have been bad!   Her car couldn’t be fixed so it was totaled out. The insurance company said they would pay $3,000 for a new car. She was happy because that meant she could get a better, safer used car.

The check came in her father’s name and he kept delaying and making excuses for not giving her the money for the car, or even taking her car shopping. He told her he had to wait for the check to clear. My daughter felt there was something fishy about his excuses and was starting to think he was lying to her.   She knows he’s not trustworthy, especially when it comes to money. He’s also a world class liar.

Finally, he got back to her.   He said that after bank fees there was only $1700 left, so she’d have to find something for that amount. She was very angry and upset.  She thought he’d already spent the money, and he most likely did, since he was bragging to her about his expensive new phone and other things he’d just bought. Obviously, he used her car insurance money to buy toys for himself.

Fortunately, her fiance was helpful, and also because he knows people in the area, he can get inside scoops on good cars at cheap prices. So she was able to snag a 2007 Mazda in good condition and not too much mileage for about $1300.
The car runs great and so far there don’t appear to be any problems with it.

This is when things turned weird.

The day after she got her new car, her father called her and said his truck’s engine blew out. Unbelievably, the first price the mechanic told him he would have to pay to fix it was…wait for it…$1700. He said okay, he could afford that, it be no problem. He lined up a tow truck for his vehicle and asked my daughter to ride him to the repair shop in her new car, where he would wait.

But on the way to the mechanic, he suddenly got a phone call from the proprietor who apologized for the mistake. The price, he said, would not be $1700, it would be $5,000.
Since $1700 is all he has, now he has to find a car for that amount or less.



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  1. Since 2012, my husband and I have had four vehicles totalled through our insurance company. Two were totalled by two different hail storms — the first time it was a supercell storm with softball-sized hail, the second time it was a tornado warned storm, that also destroyed our roof. The third vehicle was totalled when it mysteriously caught on fire and burned to the ground. That was a newer VW Passat that we gave to my daughter, but kept on our insurance. My daughter, my two granddaughters, and my baby great grandson were in the car at the time. Thank God they were all right!

    The fourth totalled vehicle was my husband’s motorcycle. He almost lost his leg in that crash. So he doesn’t ride any more.

    All four vehicles were paid for, so the insurance checks were mailed directly to us. When the insurance company told us that the replacement value for a vehicle was $5,000, the check we got was for $5,000. And when we cashed the check through our bank account, the amount we ended up with was $5,000. There weren’t any “fees”. Not one time.

    Your ex is a lying dog. Car-ma, indeed!

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    • Oops. Now I feel like a hypocrite. Earlier today I wrote a comment on a post that a blogger friend wrote about judgemental, holier-than-thou evangelical Christians. In my comment, I said that for many years I was staunchly agnostic, almost an atheist. I am now a Christian, I said, but because I made so many wrong turns and committed so many sins during my years as an unbeliever, I know that I don’t have the right to cast stones at anybody. Not even at the stone throwers.

      And then I come on here and call your ex a lying dog. 😯

      So let me amend that statement. My experience with receiving insurance payouts for totalled vehicles is very different from what your ex husband told you his experience was… 😀

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