We are being held hostage here in the former “Land of the Free.”


Trump is holding hardworking government employees (and people doing contract work for the government) hostage until he gets the money to build his useless, destructive, and racist wall. Only a sociopath without empathy or a conscience would punish innocent people because he can’t get his way.    These are not the tactics of any democracy, but are the ones used by tin pot dictators in backwards banana republics.   As for the shutdown, there’s no end in sight.   As usual, the spoiled toddler in the Oval Office is digging his heels in deeper, folding his fat, sluglike arms arrogantly across his puffed up chest, and holding his breath like a bratty two year old until he gets his wall.   He cannot and will not compromise because working with others cooperatively is not in his nature.     Attacking and demonizing when he doesn’t get his way is.

We are becoming a shithole country.

And it’s much more than just not paying people for their hard work (who just got their first paycheck with a big fat ZERO on it and have been given no promises of being paid any back pay) or laying them off.  Necessary programs are being shut down, including Food Stamps and the Parks Department.    The USDA has stopped food inspections, which will lead to epidemics of illness and food poisoning.  Our national parks are now dangerous places that are becoming filled with trash from squatters and transients, and as they are being kept open, no security is being provided.  And it’s all because Trump is a spoiled brat who can’t get his way on something that is not only a bad idea but would never work anyway.

It’s not that border security isn’t important.   But there are better, less invasive, more modern, and cheaper ways to protect our borders.  This could all be resolved without making innocent and hardworking people suffer and go without the things they need because the government refuses to pay them (while actually increasing the pay of high ranking government officials and other Trump cronies).   But compromise isn’t a word in the Trump or GOP vocabulary.  It’s their way or the highway.   To make matters worse for those victimized by his cruel policies,  Trump and his privileged cronies who never wanted for anything have the gall to patronizingly suggest furloughed workers take up babysitting or hold yard sales.

I’m so disgusted with this ruthless, spoiled, and evil tyrant, and his tyrannical, mob boss tactics.   I’m so exhausted I don’t have much more to say about the government shutdown, so I’ll just let these words from authoritarian expert and frequent MSNBC contributor Sarah Kendzior speak for all of us (I’m sorry, but I don’t have the information on what book this is from).


Thankfully, with the new Democratic Congress demanding accountability and restoring some checks and balances, there are new investigations into Trump and his criminal, treasonous and immoral activities, and Mueller is almost finished wrapping up his case.  For perhaps the first time in his empty, criminal, privileged life, there will finally be consequences for Trump and his equally amoral and arrogant older children, and all the white collar criminals and traitors who have aided and abetted Trump in his lies and treason.   Trump and his enablers are Russian assets and enemies of America.

Justice is coming.

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  1. He has painted himself into a corner from which he cannot escape and picked a fight he cannot win. When he calls on the Democrats (especially a woman who has the gall to stand up to him) to “negotiate”, he means surrender to his will and his demand. They cannot and must not do that. Sooner or later the Senate will have to vote and pass the appropriations without the Wall Money ransom (which might mean a change in the Republican leadership in that body), and then to override Trump’s veto. That will probably be true even if he uses the emergency declaration to try to get the money for the wall (which will be tied up in multiple court challenges on multiple grounds for years), because he will still need the “win” of getting the Democrats to submit.

    A mechanism must be found, perhaps a constitutional amendment, to eliminate the possibility of government shutdown. That weapon needs to be removed from the hands of legislators and Presidents. It has become too easy to use and too destructive.

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    • I agree there needs to be a constitutional amendment making it less easy or impossible for a president to shut down the government, and harder to declare a National Emergency/Martial Law (that’s the next step, which trump has said he is considering.) I believe he will take that next step unless he is stopped soon.

      I agree the Democrats and Nancy Pelosi must not back down and let trump have his way. If they do that, he will up the ante next time and try something even more heinous. Every time he “wins,” he does something worse the next time,
      He’s like a child testing his limits to see how much he can get away with. He must be stopped.

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      • As with every situation with Trump, this fight is personal. He can’t see either opposition or compliance any other way. A woman has told him a flat and final “NO” in public, which for him (and many men like him) a knife aimed directly at his crotch. So, he wants to stop FEMA aid to California’s burned areas. His is a world of winners and losers, not cooperators, the dominators and dominated, not equals. He cannot be allowed to win.

        I was reminded today of this:

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        • You’re so right. To him, everything is black or white, all or nothing, winners or losers. That’s part of his disorder. People with pathological narcissism like Trump can’t see shades of grey.

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  2. So *this* might be the equivalent of setting fire to the Reichstag.

    Martial law -> the enabling act of Nazi L’amerika, Drumpf becomes Führer in fact, and all written laws are used in lieu of toilet paper.

    Oh, and not merely the wall gets done (via slave labor) – but it gets done right, i.e. a miles-wide death-strip, internal passports, (Ihre Ausweise, sofort!) Roadblocks everywhere, Gestapo, Schutzstaffell, two categories of people – sold-out Drumpfists/Volksgenossen, and everyone else…

    I recall the epilogue of the book “Hitler’s willing executioners,” and how the world of the concentration camps was to spread to the entirety of life in the reagions rulled by the Nazis.

    I’m wondering when Aktion T-4 is to resume.

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