Computer hell.

This won’t be long because I hate typing on a smartphone. I’ll explain more when my computer issues are resolved, but the shop has had my 5 year old laptop for a week and it looks like whatever the problem is may not be fixable and I may have to buy a new one. So it might be another week before I can post again. Hopefully not.

10 thoughts on “Computer hell.

  1. Whether you have a new laptop or, by some chance the old one, it will all be good. Either new or newly reconciled for a little more life. Either way, you’ll have the best possible at that time just for you. I have been at those crossroads now, just try to pry me from my desktop….

    Don’t know if, you have Windows 10. It is unfortunately a big back step in the OS market. Wouldn’t it have been nice if MS recognized the greatness of XP, and kept building on that framework? Just a side thought as we speak about the new, and the not so new computers,

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