America the beautiful.


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  1. Great pic – very sobering when you think of those being affected.

    I only recently discovered your wonderful blog. I have read quite a bit and I truely admire such a brave exploration of yourself and those afflicted cluster B personalities. You’re remarkably candid and your insights portray intelligence, sincereity and a rich understanding of human beings. Well done to you.

    Having read one of the latest entries here it would seem that Irma hitting Florida is very much at the forefront of your mind as your son is there. Maybe arrangements have been made to keep him safe? Sending good wishes and hope to read more.

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  2. The smoke of a thousand chimneys, each burning the dreams of a multitude.

    Portland, Oregon – ashes from the crematorium.

    I wonder why I sense so much evil? Why it’s like having Hadamar or Hartheim (aktion T-4; the beginnings of the holocaust) just over the nearest ridge, with the sifting-down ashes of a thousand ‘useless feeders’ powdering the streets. The fume chokes like Zyklon-b

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  3. Air made of hot soup help me I can’t breathe XD I moved to North Carolina from California when I was a little kid, and the humid (and rainy!) summers really surprised me. Where I came from, it got so dry during the summer that the ground cracked open. And then it poured rain for the next three months or thereabouts. Ah, the glamorous California, where it’s all beaches and sunshine and trendy cities and movie stars! XD

    Thanks for sharing this. It’s sobering right now, but it’s also good to laugh in the midst of all the disaster. 🙂

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