The alt-right are the real snowflakes.


The alt-right loves to gaslight those of us who don’t support Trump by calling us snowflakes, but they’re the real snowflakes because they are so afraid of everything. And I mean everything.  Even progress.  Especially progress!

In spite of all the recent ugly developments that seem so ominous and seem to indicate  impending fascism, I actually think that, as a society, we are moving toward more inclusion, tolerance and rationality than ever before.  In the midst of all the chaos and strife we are currently facing, I keep hearing stories that give me hope and encouragement.

This seems to be starting at the grass-roots level.  Many local politicians, even in some red states, are turning more to the left than they ever have before, perhaps as pushback against the Trump regime, or maybe they would have done so anyway.  What they are rejecting is Trump’s anti-environment, anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, anti-minority, anti-American agenda and enacting drastic changes at the local level unlike anything we have seen before.    There are also more people than ever demanding things like Medicare for All, consumer and environmental protections, and other things that actually help average people, not the oligarchs on top.

Obama was hated for several reasons, none of which are based on reason or critical thinking.   The most obvious reason he was hated was because he was black.  The fact a black man could become president hit white supremacists and neo-Nazis where it hurts the most, because their whiteness is their sole identity and reason for being.   It was also during the Obama administration that gay marriage was legalized, there was a real attempt to provide healthcare to a majority of Americans (even if it fell far short of accomplishing that), and new environmental regulations were put into place to help slow down climate change.

Perhaps most telling of all, local governments are removing statues and monuments honoring the Confederacy at a dizzying rate.

These are all signs of progress, signs that we are still moving forward, even if the obstacles are greater. The vast majority of Americans welcome progress.   Unfortunately, about one-third of Americans feel threatened by it — whether it’s racial equality, environmental protections, healthcare as a human right, or the recognition that groups they label “other” have the same civil rights they do.   They are pushing back — and demanding we go backwards with them without question.   They not only want to undo everything Obama did, they also want to undo all the progress and positive changes we have made since the Civil Rights movement or even earlier.  The removal of Confederate monuments is sounding the alarm bell that backwards values are being abandoned for good, and that is making them react in rage.

Why? Because they’re scared to death of change.  They are kicking and flailing in opposition like 2 year olds having temper tantrums.   They know that in spite of the setback of Trump being president, as a nation we are still moving forward and leaving their ideas and values behind, and they are terrified!

I also think that as a nation we are engaged in a spiritual war, and the greatest evil we are facing — the evil that brought us to this point and made someone like Donald Trump president — is narcissism.   In order to heal, we must recognize that painful truth and find a way to reject this perverted “value” that has eroded trust and caused so much suffering, and replace it with humility and love.

I see more and more people waking up and realizing our collective narcissism (which greed, hatred, and intolerance arises from) must be eradicated and we must begin to care about each other again.

That truth is intolerable to many of Trump’s base, and that’s another reason so many of them are lashing out in hatred and threatening civil war.    Their rage hides their terror.  The truth threatens their misguided belief systems.   They are the real snowflakes.


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  1. With the rare exception of the true sociopathic monster (think, Hannibal Lector), all violence and aggression is rooted in fear. In that sense, there are no aggressors or oppressors, only self-perceived victims acting in self defense, whether or not the danger is real.

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  2. I think those are the thoughts that have been flowing through my almost nonstop mind as of late. It,truly is kind of fun to troll. I realized though that whenever I read a resistance tweet I needed to go online & check the whole thing out.

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    • My keypad is really acting up again!!
      I find when I check on recent Trump stories or rallies, the info I get tells me that many tweets are not telling the full story. In fact I slowed down on Trump stuff for awhile. Its gotten tiring. I detest Nazi garbage & racist evils & all that. Its sickening & it truly is tearing our country up. Lucky Otter is right about refraining from making snarky remarks & the like. anti protesters don’t help either by yelling back & the like. That will obviously incite the alt right side to additional violence & there’s been enough already.
      I doubt if a lot of alt right protesters even really understand what’s going on; I doubt if they even have a good knowledge of American history. Do they fully understand what a Nazi is??
      I’m in agreement with Lucky Otter on this one.
      Incidentally I tweeted a suggestion to indulge in “sheet caking”, if you’re going to attend a rally. Its a good idea & a way to stay safe during one. Its a practice that’s been around for a long time in fact. Yes we need to teach the alt right rebel rousers that their actions aren’t appreciated & we aren’t going to stand for it, but we aren’t going to act like they do, online included.

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      • I’m not sure a lot of the neo-Nazi’s really do understand what a Nazi is. They tend to be young men, who not only weren’t alive during WWII, neither were their parents. Many seem relatively uneducated, and probably don’t know a lot about history or the Holocaust. They read alt-right websites like 4chan, Daily Stormer and neoNazi sites and think “wow, that’s cool.” They’re attracted to the “toughness” and strongman image. Basically, they think it’s cool and macho and are probably just posers. They may hate blacks, Jews, etc. too, but their hatred isn’t the primary reason they become neo-Nazis, it’s because they think being one makes them cool. Scratch the surface and I bet you’d find out most of these men have very low self esteem and not a lot of education.

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        • Exactly!!! They act like a bunch of hoodlums. And they’re more than likely out for a fight if they can get the “alt left” protester side to react in some way. Problem is some of them will, & they need to learn not to fight back with violence. They need to make a totally peaceful presence if they show up at alt right rallies.

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          • I’m trying to warn people there may be “antifa” posers at the Trump rally tonight intending to stir up trouble. Of course, we have to worry about real Antifa too. Violence doesn’t solve anything.


  3. The natural man is a fool. Hence he fears nothing, and is devoured on account of it. (“The FEAR of the lord is the beginning of wisdom.” )

    There are many things one ***should*** be afraid of – and with good reason. (Bravery is being afraid – with good reason – and acting anyway. A lack of fear needs ***no*** bravery).

    This is something that is ***not*** a part of the narcissistic mindset; the narcissist sees himself as *the (as in singular; there is but one instance) god* – which means he has replaced all justifiable fear with ***hubris***. (Which might well be the ‘unforgivable sin’ – as hubris prevents repentance, and repentance is the sole antidote for the (Brimstone-worshiping) narcissist.)

    The only true fear the commonplace ‘alt-right’ individual actually does feel is ‘will my place be usurped by a lesser individual’? (The one thing the narcissist is actually worried about – becoming irrelevant!)

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