There is no such thing as “white pride.”

This viral Facebook post explains why.


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  1. Yep, its not about culture. Its about defending the privilege they feel is threatened. If there is any such thing that might be called “European Culture”, it is in Art, Music, Literature, Philosophy, not marching and screaming bigots.

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  2. Yes!!! You hit that right on the head. I am just learning of where my African ancestors came from thanks to DNA testing. But I also learned I have European heritage such as Scandinavian, British and Irish. While I wasn’t too surprised. I knew my DNA results were due to whites mixing with my enslaved African ancestors. If it wasn’t for DNA testing I wouldn’t have had a clue as where my African forebears were from. It is very important to us as African Americans to know our heritage. Because it has been taken away from us. Thank you for sharing and enlightening those who may not understand why Black Pride is important.

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    • DNA testing is a godsend for this reason (it’s a double edged sword and can certainly be used unethically too). That is cool you were able to find our your real heritage. I think it is important for African Americans to be able to identify what regions of the world they come from, the same way Whites have always been able to do. It gives you a sense of pride and identity beyond “white vs. black.”


  3. reblogged on obsolete childhood.
    I had no clue about my African heritage until I worked on our family genealogy. After finding my mother’s grandmother in a census listing her race as “black” I did a dna test. Yeppers, there it was…12% sub-saharan african…13% Indigenous American, the rest european. Well, well………no wonder I worked for the NAACP and was abandoned by my family for doing so. (Turns out grandma was “passing” and told no one) It isn’t about culture when whites spew forth about their is entirely racial.

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    • I completely agree. That is cool you were able to find out your actual heritage. Sites like and 23andMe are making that possible.


  4. Not even S.M. Sterling’s DRAKA series (fiction) pulls off ‘Weissenkultur’. (White culture > BS)

    Translation – “there is but a single explicit specification for ‘National Comrades’ ” – Volksgenossen being the proper National-Socialist term – “and anyone who does not measure up in full particulars to that lofty status is a ‘community alien’ – ein Gemeinschaftsfremde.”

    Again, that second term is proper NSDAP-Sprache.

    Another name for the latter is ‘second (at best) class citizen’ – or, more accurately – “the servant of one’s betters.”

    Shall we dance our masters’ tune, for their pleasure at our expense? Is it *all* about providing these self-styled ***inner party members*** with the Orwellian #intoxication of power#? That they may inflict upon us ‘pain and humiliation’? That they might tear our minds to pieces, and put them back together in ways of their own choosing?

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