I hate Paul Ryan.


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I’m breaking my own rule here not to write a rant about partisan politics, but this really isn’t a partisan issue, or if it is, it shouldn’t be.

“Trumpcare” might win the house, and he is willing to bet our lives against the house.  This is unbelievable. If this bill passes, I better pray I don’t get sick, which isn’t likely given my age. I’m in that vulnerable ‘older’ (50-64) age group and am FAR from rich. No way could I afford the premiums.  I’ll be in that group of 14 million who loses their healthcare the first year.

If you have a ‘pre-existing condition’ you will not even be able to get insurance even if you could afford it, if your state opts out, which many red states will.  These people say they are pro-life, but guess what — PREGNANCY is a pre-existing condition!   You can be sure there will be more abortions then ever, when poor and middle class women who lose their healthcare realize their pregnancies won’t even be covered.

Ironically, Trump’s working class supporters will be most negatively affected by this horrible bill. It probably won’t pass Senate, but still, this is so scary.


I also want to smack that smug, self righteous smirk off Ryan’s stupid face.   I don’t hate too many people (even Trump escapes my hatred a little because he’s batshit insane and a mental and emotional child), but I really, REALLY hate Paul Ryan.  This smug sociopath (who lived off the death benefits from his dad’s social security and had everything paid for by the government (and still gets everything paid for by the government through OUR TAXES) thinks people need to “take responsibility” for their own healthcare.  HELLO?!   How is losing your health insurance going to teach ANYONE responsibility?  I’m so SICK of this blaming the victim, Ayn Randian, “bootstraps” mentality.

This Eddie Munster-looking twit has NO conscience and not a shred of empathy.    I can just see the way he’ll gloat and smirk if and when this “healthcare” bill passes.  He just loves the idea of kicking 24 million people off healthcare.  He WANTS us to suffer and die.   I really think this Ayn Rand worshipping d*ck is trying to thin the herd — the old, poor and sick  aren’t “producers” so of course they can go first.   Good thing we have liberal GUN LAWS — because if you get cancer, suicide might be the only option.     This bill also means a big ass tax break for his billionaire buddies.   God, I hate this administration.  NOTHING they have done or plan to do is good for the average American.    These people are CHRISTIANS?  That’s a laugh.   Pro-life?  Yeah, only until you’re born.  Have a sick baby and you’re not rich? Too bad!  You should have made better life choices.

Sorry if this offends, but I’m mad as hell and scared!  It’s very traumatizing for many of us.   I hope the whole lot of them get impeached soon.



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  1. I have to say you said it well. For all the people that supported trump I get it people wanted change. I actually can see your side. However this was the fear of most Hilary supporters that trump would impose bills that benefit the rich primarily. The middle class, poor, old and disabled would suffer. God help us if it passes. I am disabled.

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    • I’m sorry you’re disabled. 😦 I’m lucky that way, but I’m OLD and live pretty much paycheck to paycheck. Make sure you VOTE out the Republican house representatives in 2018. Call or write to your representatives. We cannot sit back and let this happen!

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      • No and I won’t I can’t. It’s very scary for many people right now and it shouldn’t be. No other election ever had this much fear in the average American person.

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        • I agree. It’s so traumatizing and every day I wonder what new bad news I’ll hear. and it just keeps on getting worse. This doesn’t feel like America anymore, but like an occupied country or a third world nation.

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  2. I was just eating a sandwich and lost my appetite. (Not a guilt trip just illustrating how this news effected me.)

    FFS Not again! I hate this administration too. I can’t even watch or listen to the news because so much of what I hear is traumatizing.

    It just fucking figures though! I’ve finally got an opportunity for DBT (I’m on a waiting list) and if this shit passes, that opportunity will be yanked out from under me. This kind of shit is the reason I never get my hopes up or excited about anything ever.

    I will not be surprised if the suicide rate goes through the roof. Wonder if this will also effect SNAP benefits too. Why not right? I’m sure they’d be happy to starve the poor as well.

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    • I feel ya, Gael. I hope this does not pass and you can get your DBT. You know mental health is no longer covered under this plan. Good idea not to get your hopes up, but I doubt this bill will pass senate, so it’s probably just a lot of bluster. I hope. Yes, if it passes, suicide rates will go through the roof. They are already starving the poor by removing programs like Meals on Wheels for the disabled poor.


      • Yeah, pulling meals on wheels! I knew then (aththough I’d already known really) that the orange guy was damaging.

        If he could pull funding and help for some of the most vulnerable citizens like that, then he could pull from any of us.

        I hope for all the sakes of those of us who need these benefits the bill doesn’t pass.

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  3. Ryan actually SAID that? He admitted he doesn’t care if the United States is destroyed? How can they get any votes? I thought conservatives were patriotic.

    Don’t worry, Otter. The Senate won’t pass this piece of filth. It makes me LOL to see how even a Republican president and Republican majority in both houses can’t get this passed. I don’t like Ryan one little bit. But I don’t hate him. All my hatred is reserved for Ronald (Grinch Who Stole the New Deal) Reagan. I can’t even look at his ugly face without yelling “UGLY!” and “DEVIL!”

    “Good thing we have liberal GUN LAWS — because if you get cancer, suicide might be the only option.” I would prefer the option of murder. Right-wingers don’t even seem human anymore. I really try to understand them. I just saw the movie “12 Angry Men” in which 11 vote to convict a defendant until one holdout changes their mind. There are a few loud mouth bigots who at as if “bleeding hearts” are going to steal their precious conviction. They are really afraid. And they have good reason to be as their world really is slipping away. They are a dying breed.

    Being in that Facebook group has taught me one thing. I realize I am really not tolerant. I don’t wish to be tolerant of my enemies. Intolerance is only bad if it’s based on irrelevant grounds. For example, to be intolerant because of the way some lives, who he has sex with, the color of his skin. That’s bad. Being intolerant of someone who is trying to destroy innocent people. That’s a good thing.

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  4. It just keeps getting worse. This is discriminatory against women! ALL these things are issues that affect mostly women. Sexual assault, Domestic violence, Postpartum depression, and C-sections are now considered pre-existing conditions. That’s right, if you have been raped or abused, you might be refused treatment under this monstrous plan.


  5. Oh great. Trumpcare passed. Only truly evil people would go out to the Rose Garden (the Orange Fuhrer just tweeted about it — of course) and have a “victorious celebration” over the fact that 24 or more million people will lose their healthcare and many will die. I hope their little party gets hit by a tornado. This is just sickening. I feel sick over this. Of course, it isn’t the law of the land yet, unless it passes Senate. It could still fail, but they’ll keep trying to ram it through until it passes there too. These people are relentless.


  6. Don’t despair, Lucky. This bill surely won’t pass the Senate. But then again, that’s what I said about the presidential election–don’t worry, he won’t be elected and then he was.

    I am doing my best to keep things steady at home because my daughter depends on medical care. Her MS is holding steady (less damage to her brain) because of her monthly treatments. It’s been traumatic for her (and those who love her) because she was struck down in her prime–something no on expects to happen, right when her career was taking off. And now she cannot work. She hasn’t even been able to read for two years, only recently has her vision improved enough to read articles. Funny-not-funny but “disability” said she could work, in their opinion as long as she found a job that was light duty and wasn’t stressful. ROFL, right?!! So no disability for her even though there are days when she’s so “sea sick” that she can’t walk upright. MS attacks the brain, thus balance and vision.

    I just head that the House passed this monstrosity of a bill and thought of you and wanted to hold hands with everyone here.


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    • Thank you, CZBZ — and I’m so sorry to hear about your daughter’s MS. This is no laughing matter. I hope and pray it doesn’t pass Senate — ever! No matter how many times they try to ram this monstrous bill through. Obviously, Jimmy Kimmel’s beautiful and moving speech a few nights ago about his son and his plea for mercy and compassion fell on deaf ears. In fact, some of these monsters — the freedom caucus types — criticized him for his “sob story” or even made fun of him for crying. Soulless, is what they are. Sold their black souls for mammon.

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      • I would have been stunned by the responses to Kimmel’s heart-wrenching story about his newborn son but I’ve experienced a similar thing with people reading my online stories. What they heard and read was unrecognizable to what I wrote and said. The key to finding common ground and even hearing one another with any degree of clarity is: the extension of good will towards one another. Without good will, people will see what they need to see in order to justify what they want to justify and that is the sad story of the human condition.

        A person can cry about their sick child and people accuse them of being manipulative, using tears to evoke pity. What’s happening in my view is that the accusers are projecting, they are telling us what their tears mean–how they target people’s emotions.

        For most of us, the thought that Kimmel was “evoking pity” wasn’t even a conscious thought, so I was shocked to read what people were saying the next day! Guess we know who those folks are, don’t we? They aren’t just hard-hearted people, they’re manipulators. (I am angry right now—this’ll pass in time, don’t worry. I’m letting off steam).

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        • I think you hit the nail on the head. Kimmel is obviously a rich man and could afford health care for his son, even under Trump’s plan. But he has a heart, and empathy, and is feeling the pain of those who would be in a similar situation but were not as lucky as he was and would have to choose between going bankrupt or letting their baby die. So it wasn’t really about him, he was using his story as a way to open up a conversation and try to open the hearts of those who have none. I commend him for doing that, and for showing real emotion during his speech. Many people think he’s a hero for doing so, but the sociopathic rethuglicans in the WH think he’s being manipulative because he’s imploring people to care about each other again. Jimmy Kimmel cares, why can’t they? I agree it’s total projection and gaslighting on their part. All they do is gaslight and project and lie.

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  7. we can only pray does not pass the Senate. It makes me so angry, so fearful for my fellow Americans..I want to go to DC and just slap them all silly. The things I have been thinking about this administration are darned near seditious and I find myself disgusted by my own thoughts. I have several pre-existing conditions. The only way I could have received health care was to pay 50K out of pocket before the high-risk insurance would pay a penny. Since my total annual income is less than 12K it just wasn’t feasible..and now? it will be worse. I had to turn off the television in disgust as I watched the republican reps gather on a bus to go celebrate their “victory” at the WH and to collect their 30 pieces of silver.

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    • I need to turn off the TV too. All this high fiving and grinning is making me ill. What a bunch of horrible dark souls.
      There’s a special place in hell for all of them.


      • I cannot watch this either. Take care of yourself and turn off the TV but never pretend, never deny what we’ve witnessed today. Never again can these politicians get away with calling themselves the Moral Majority. I might throw up now.

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  8. They might well be a ‘majority’ – or at least believe themselves to be; but their morality is that of Brimstone (aka satan).

    “You will understand them by observing what they do, ” i.e ‘by their fruits you will know them.’

    One wonders about Ryan – just what does that wretch hope to gain should things completely fall apart? Either he’s got a triple-dose of hubris cooking, or I’m missing a lot. (The latter would not surprise me, actually – I know I’m slow on the uptake, socially…)


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