Year in review: 2016


I was concerned because I hadn’t received a 2016 WordPress Year in Review as I did in 2014 and 2015. So I checked the Support forums and found out some bad news–WordPress is not doing those this year.  That makes me sad.  I was really looking forward to that, but it is what it is.

I decided to go ahead and compile my own review which will cover this blog’s most important stats for 2016. I’m following the same format that the automatically-generated annual reports did in the past, so without further ado, here is how Lucky Otters Haven performed in 2016. Of course this post is missing the fun fireworks and other digital doodads the generated reports always had.

Most of these are culled from the WordPress metrics page.

Views and Visitors:


498,114 visitors

1,226,703 views (669,288 visitors) for all time (2014 – 2016)

Likes and Comments:


Busiest Day of the Year:

February 9, 2016 (4,438 views, also my Best Day Ever)

Most Popular Hour:

9:00 PM (5% of views)

Most Popular Day:

Monday (15% of views)

Longest Streak (posting every day without skipping a day):

December 30, 2015 to March 11, 2016

Posting Activity:


As you can see, I tend to post the most in January and February (lots of time spent indoors!) and taper off in the fall (when my SAD kicks in).   Last year showed pretty much the same pattern.

Total Posts (all time):


5 most popular posts:

1. Eight Fun Games Narcissists Like to Play (and one they can’t play): 61,659 views

2. 12 Weird Things You Might See a Narcissist Do: 49,779 views

3. Why Family Scapegoats Become Lifelong Victims: 34,916 views

4. The 7 Things Narcissists Are Most Afraid Of: 30,956 views

5. How To Recognize a Covert Narcissist: 26,235 views

As you can see, my narcissism and narcissistic abuse posts (I include posts about HSPs/empaths and the other personality disorders within this category because there’s so much overlap) continue to be the most popular BY FAR, even though lately I’ve been focusing on a lot of other related and unrelated topics.

The most popular non-narcissism (or related) posts in 2016:

Anyone Remember Merrimints? Well , They’re Back (sort of) is my most popular off-topic post.   This post is in 46th place, with 2,646 views, mostly referred here by foodie forums like

My second-most popular non-narcissism related post, Terrible Real Estate Agent Photos, is way down in 56th place, with 2,163 views.

Top 5 Referring Sites in 2016:

1. Google Search: 449,765 views

2. Facebook: 32,515 views

3. StumbleUpon: 17,104 views

4. Twitter: 2,836 views

5. Pinterest: 1,487 views

Where Did My Visitors Come From (Top Ten)?

1. United States: 524,255
2. United Kingdom: 90,395
3. Canada: 54,808
4. Australia: 47,509
5. Netherlands: 12,472
6. Germany: 10,751
7. South Africa: 8,248
8. India: 7,933
9. Ireland: 7,534
10. Sweden: 6,163

Views Around the World:


Total Posts with Comment Followers:

791 posts

Top 5 People Commenting (not including me):

1. Linda Lee: 73 comments
2. nowve666: 31 comments
3. Nyssa The Hobbit: 28 comments
4. Aura Gael: 27 comments
5. Wolfgirl/Bluebird of Bitterness (tie): 21 comments each

Alexa Information:

I have the Alexa toolbar, so I’ll throw this in too (Yeah, I know, Google Analytics is a lot better), but whatevs.

Global Rank:  380,150

Rank in US: 99,801

Bounce Rate:  52.30%

Pageviews (per visitor): 2.90

Daily Time on Site:  10 minutes

Sites Linking In:  28

Lucky Otters Haven’s viewers are almost evenly split between male and female, with males having a slight edge.

The vast majority of Lucky Otters Haven’s readers have some college education, followed by readers with a college degree, and then those with graduate degrees.


That’s it!

Thank you to everyone who has made this blog what it is and continues to visit and comment!

Have a great 2017!


46 thoughts on “Year in review: 2016

  1. I commented 73 times? Wow.

    Which brings me to my reason for coming here today. I wanted to let you know that I am taking a break from blogging for awhile. This isn’t a New Year’s resolution. It’s just that I made a resolution last year, on January 1, 2016, that I would finish my memoir before the year was through. This did not happen, not even close. And when I looked back over the past year and asked myself WHY I did not achieve my goal, what stood out in my mind were all the hours I spent in a typical day, reading (and commenting!) on blogs.

    For this reason, I have made my blog private temporarily and unfollowed all of the blogs I was following. I miss my blogging friends already! Hopefully I will finish my manuscript and be back soon. God bless you in this new year! ❤

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    • I’ll miss you, but I understand needing to focus on writing your book. Please stop in every once in a while (or send me a tweet or email) and keep me posted on your progress.

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          • Yikes, I am sorry, Lucky Lauren, that you have to moderate my reply to Nyssa. It’s because I decided to use the legal spelling of my first name, Lynda instead of Linda. I explained why I made that change in my comment to Nyssa. Also because there is another author publishing books on Amazon using the name Linda Lee, but there is no Lynda Lee that I have found writing books, so…. oh, I am giving myself a headache!

            I miss you, Lucky! But now I have to get off of here before I get lost in addictive blog land again….

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        • Your comment showed up under mine in my blog reader, Nyssa, and I replied to it. I hope you get my reply. Ok, I have to get back to work!!


      • Oh my goodness I am so sorry you thought that!! You have a wonderful, beautiful blog.

        I am worried, now, that other people may think the same thing. I should have notified each person individually before I unfollowed their blog, but I wasn’t thinking clearly at the time…. right after I unfollowed all of the 30 or 40 blogs I was following, I became very sick. My fever was over 102, which is getting into dangerous territory for an almost 64 year old woman! I was so sick, I thought I might be dying. I did not want to disappear forever from the blog world without a trace, so I sent a private email to three of my blogging friends, telling them my real legal name and where I live, so they could find my obituary if the Lord called me home, and then let others know. (I did not need to send such an email to Lucky Otter, because she already knew my real name and location.)

        But I am still here and feeling much better, thank the Lord. Anyway… I still don’t feel brave or foolish enough to write under my full legal name, but I have decided to use my real first name, spelled the way it is on my birth certificate, which is “Lynda,” instead of “Linda” like I was using. Lee is my real middle name. And that’s as far as I am going!

        Nyssa, your blog is so wonderful. Lord willing, when my memoir is finished, I will be back. ❤

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        • Oh, that’s all right.:) My list goes up and down…Just lost one last night and wondered if I was being annoying, so I took the latest post down. I also took it down because I’m being bombarded by a troll mob, and one of them saw my post and then headed for the contact page, which freaked me out. I took down the contact page, too. 😛

          I’m also glad for your kind comments on my blog, too. After the weekend I’ve had, I really needed that. The trolls have been examining the sensitive parts of my blog, and making me feel like they’re laughing at everything. But then I read your comments, and it brightened my mood. 🙂

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          • Nyssa, I have never been able to figure out how to comment on your blog. I can only comment on Twitter or Like your posts. What am I doing wrong? I’m really sorry about the trolls, that really sucks. 😦 You might like the article I just wrote. I’m not referring to any bloggers or trolls in particular, but it is an issue (and Linda Lee can attest to this too).

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            • You’re not doing anything wrong. Comments are only selectively enabled on my blog. I was starting to let them in, then the troll mob came through, so I started switching them off again. I had a brand-new contact form set up so people could use that if necessary, without posting my e-mail–and then the troll mob came through, so I took it down.

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            • Thanks for explaining! I didn’t know I had to fill out a contact form to comment. I was looking for “add a comment” but since you’re self hosted, it probably works differently than the blogs.


            • No, comments work the same, but I usually turn them off. As for the contact form, I stuck it on the Copyright page. But I temporarily took the page down last night after I saw a troll go to it. Nothing ever arrived in my e-mail, so I hope that means my IP blacklist works on the contact form and not just comments. If so, then I can put it back. 😛

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          • You are a precious soul, and that fact shines through in your written words.

            Trolls. Ugh. I have been targeted by trolls in the past. I guess you know you are really doing something good for the Lord when the minions go after you!!

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            • I feel the same way about you and the words you write, Lauren. You weren’t being narcissistic at all, you already know how much I think of you. And it was my fault for not specifying that I was talking to Nyssa in that comment. 🙂

              I am so excited, I think I have finally found a new therapist, to replace the one who moved out of state more than a year ago. She does EMDR, hypnotherapy, and a lot of other things that sounds interesting. She lives more than an hour away from me, but worth the drive if it works out. She has been practicing EMDR since 1992. Wow!!

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            • Unfortunately, after communicating with this therapist back in forth in a about 3 or 4 emails, I talked to her on the phone today and she blew me off. So, the hunt is still on for a therapist.

              I am too scrambled now to think clearly enough to explain EMDR, so here is a website about it:

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            • I’m sorry things didn’t work out with that therapist. 😦 But it probably wasn’t meant to be. You will find one who is better suited for you! Thanks for the info about EMDR.

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            • Aw, thank you. *blush*

              I hope they fade away soon. This incident has me jumpy, scared of simple friend requests. I got one today that was probably just a typical spammer request, same as I get all the time, but made me wonder if they were still after me.

              I had to re-evaluate the situation last night, see if I had overblown it, if they were just curious and not trolls. But then I remembered that they actually made contact and revealed themselves.

              When I start getting scared, I have to remind myself that I have their IP addresses, along with stat logs of all their visits. If they do anything truly dangerous, not just trying to intimidate online, then I can go to the police and they can track them down with the IPs.

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            • A friend of mine (whose account was spoofed) says he’s almost certain the FB request to me this morning came from a Nazi. Basically, my friend is always posting on his public timeline about neo-Nazis, so this is quite possible. It’s scary to think Nazis would be after him, but he puts himself out there; the trolls would have to be actively digging to find me. Still, I put my collection of troll IP addresses into a ban plug-in, hoping it won’t affect the running of my site if I do it that way. I have about 79 or 80 of them. :O

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            • Now you see why I got so freaked out. 😛 That, and I’ve seen the behavior of these people against their usual targets. And thanks for calling me strong! I’ve felt so weak the past few days. I want to be the bad-a** one who isn’t scared of anything. But don’t feel that way.

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            • I think it was Mark Twain who said: “Courage isn’t the absence of fear and doubt. Courage is moving ahead, in spite of fear and doubt.” Whoever said it, it’s the truth. And it’s the way I see you, Nyssa. (And also Lucky Otter, whose bravery in being so open and honest on her blogs is amazing and inspiring!)

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            • Nyssa, I like to read the verse of the day on BibleGateway (dot) com every morning. Right after I read your comment about not feeling brave, I read today’s scripture and thought of you:

              Out of my distress I called on the Lord; The Lord answered me and set me free. The Lord is on my side; I will not fear. What can [mere] man do to me?
              ~Psalm 118:5-6 AMP

              I needed that reminder, too, because I thought I’d finally found a good therapist to replace the one who moved out of state in September 2015. But after exchanging 3 or 4 emails, we spoke on the phone yesterday morning and she gave me the brush off. I felt so horribly rejected, defective, unworthy, hopeless, broken… all of my old abandonment, shame, and not being good enough issues had a field day in my head, all yesterday. I did not get any writing done, other than to write out my hurt feelings.

              But, you know what? The Lord is on my side! What can a mere person do, to diminish who I am in Christ? And although we may feel the emotion of fear, if we do the courageous thing, anyway, we are brave.

              Excuse me while I go write a courageously kicka$$ book. 🙂

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            • Thank you! Yeah, something like that can make you feel rejected even if they didn’t mean it that way. As for the trolls, I haven’t seen them for about 23 hours on my blog, and my Twitter hits went way down. I think they’ve lost interest. Maybe their original target is more interesting. I also tracked down a bunch of them on Twitter and blocked them before they could contact or follow me. They change accounts all the time, but hopefully they’ll be long gone before then. I also sent an e-mail to one of their usual targets.

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  2. I didn’t even know that WordPress generated Year in review things for blogs! (I just joined in 2016 which is probably why.) Congrats on all your success!

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