3 videos to end the seasonal doldrums.

These are amazing videos showing different interpretations of all four seasons.  Even if you hate winter, these make you appreciate how all the seasons have their own beauty and work together for the good of the planet.

The second video is interesting because it’s a timelapse taken in Oslo, Norway, known for its long winters and the midnight sun in summer.  Because it’s so close to the Arctic Circle, notice how short the nights are in June and how it never gets really light out in December.   It also doesn’t look like spring really gets underway until May.    That makes me feel very fortunate to live in North Carolina, where spring comes as early as early March and it doesn’t really start getting cold until December.  I really should stop complaining.

The third video is a work of art and I love the seasonal sounds of nature mixed into the timelapse footage.  I also like the way you can see the changing angles of sunlight throughout the year.

All three of these are breathtaking and relaxing.

Year on Planet Earth:

A True Timelapse of 2010 (Oslo, Norway)

A Forest Year:


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  1. I got some good video therapy out of “Gordon Family Tree” (amazon prime). Perfect quiet chill watching for a Sunday evening  Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

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