Yesterday I posted something I thought was interesting, not really thinking over whether it might be offensive or not.  It wasn’t intended to offend anyone, but in retrospect (and after some critical comments) I can understand why people would have been offended, so I decided to remove that post.   It also didn’t have much to do with the content of this blog, so removing it wasn’t a big deal.

Sometimes I write controversial things, but this was different.  Controversial and offensive aren’t the same.   I apologize to anyone who was offended by it.


12 thoughts on “Apology.

  1. You really are wonderful!!!! And I am sorry if I was being too sensitive. Having a sweet grandson with the condition you addressed in that deleted post, may have colored my judgment.

    Anyway, I think everybody posts things that later, in retrospect, maybe wasn’t the best idea. I sure have, believe me! I would give you an example, but it’s too embarrassing.

    I think you are one of the best bloggers out there. 🙂

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  2. Hi, hi, no worries, even though I did not read that post. You are fantastic, fabulous. I love reading you. You are on your spiritual way. I am so excited about how your life is improving…. Keep going on… All the bests, V.

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  3. Lucky, I know what you mean but if it helps you any you clarified something for me. I had noticed the boys odd mannerisms and thought he might have had ill feelings towards his step-Dad but when you posted what you did it shed light on the fact that I was probably quite wrong, that instead he is suffering with some kind of condition. I realized I had been guilty of making a harsh judgement.

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  4. Hm. I didn’t think it was offensive at all. I was offended by the people who have been bullying the poor kid, not by you! It also made me feel an instant sympathy for him. I hadn’t noticed anything “odd” about him, but I hadn’t been paying attention, either.

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    • I think what people might have objected to was the voiceover in the video of random people insulting him. I thought that was tasteless and inappropriate, even though the video in general raised an interesting theory. I took it down because it really didn’t add anything to this blog, and if that many people were offended…well, why leave it up? I don’t like the way people have been making fun of him either.

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  5. I really dont think you would have had any negative intent….we can all be guilty of trying to make sense of things in different ways, but I really appreciate how you responded….we all make mistakes. Its big to realise it may have been off base.

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