Mountaintop view.

I was working in a home today that sits on top of a mountain.     This is the view from their porch.   Although fall isn’t my favorite time of year (and I would never want to live on top of a mountain),  I think the tree on the right with the falling leaves make the picture more interesting.


8 thoughts on “Mountaintop view.

  1. What a lovely view to enjoy while working Lucky. You work in some pretty awesome areas judging by this view and the rooftop that can be seen to the right in this photo. Good that you take an extra moment to enjoy your surroundings while working 🙂

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    • Yep. Driving up there in my little Toyota was NOT fun (although the view was pretty). I HATE driving up steep grades. Going down isn’t as scary for some reason.
      You’re pretty much snowbound in the winter too. But usually people who can afford houses like these are snowbirds and go somewhere warmer in winter

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      • I used to live someplace on top of a small mountain/large hill – year ’round, I’m no snowbird. We mostly built/rebuilt the house. It was quite lovely. The snow was deep enough the kids dug out apartments and played house inside the rooms. I miss it. The neighbourhood changed as bunches of city-folk moved in – and hen didn’t want to live in a small town with critters (wild turkeys) and small farms. That was in New England, and through a variety of changes we ended up in Israel. It’s a strange world. It never snows where I am. At sea level, yet.


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