Slapped with the truth.


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  1. Yes it is, once upon a time, I woke up in that life…. and stayed.
    It almost destroyed me.
    Then she walked away, and I learned what real pain was.
    The problem was, I had 4 boys, 4 to 14 years of age.
    My 2nd Son got to watch as it tore me apart piece-by-piece

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      • L, please don’t be, it’s a good thing.
        I tell you what, soon I will tell you what I will not tonight.
        What I will tell you tonight is that as innocent as it was meant to be, I ggot very close to lying to you, or at least to me I got as close as I could.
        To me, I totally self-destructed, but L, time became something I knew when I was a young boy, as in when we got beat with a bull whip. I didn’t date for 7 years. Life completed what was started so many years before, and down the road, it saved me and Frank at least 3 times. And, it prepared me to forgive 20,000,000 times if I wanted to, and in the end, I always have.
        You want to know something really weird????
        I didn’t come looking for you or, as almost always, I didn’t have the blues and tons of depression on my plate this time, I found it when I remembered being slapped so many times with lies, 3 of the most hurtful was the killing of 2 of my unborn sons, and my unborn daughter.
        Whom I will love to introduce you to one day down the path.
        L, life is good, it would be better if ….. BUT, apparently My Stewardship isn’t over, and I really want to help every Child have a better life, and I have never turned my back on anyone that needed a Friend or especially that needs help.

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