Blood moon.


A little while ago, I went out to the store and while I was driving, I saw the moon rising and it was full and quite orange! I think this type of moon is called a “blood moon” or maybe a harvest moon.

The picture I took on my phone didn’t do it justice at all (and I could only zoom in a little), so I photo-manipulated it a little to try to recapture some of its allure. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to recapture the clearness of its “face” or edges.   The background effect isn’t realistic of course, but I felt it made it a more interesting photo.   I think this picture makes it look almost like the way the sun looks in space.

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  1. It’s lovely! 🙂 I know all about the troubles of trying to photograph the moon; it never comes out quite right. I believe this one is the harvest moon; the blood moon is when all the sunsets in the world are reflected off the moon’s surface at once, giving it the red glow. I was lucky enough to see it last year and wrote a four page poem about it. But this moon is beautiful too, and I think there will be a lunar eclipse some time…or perhaps it’s already happened? I’m not sure. I think all we’ll get to see is a kind of shadow covering the moon, not the complete disappearance.

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    • I learned something new–wow, all the sunsets in the world reflecting off the moon at once? I guess this is a harvest moon then. I agree trying to photograph the moon is pretty tricky. It doesn’t help to try to take a picture of it with a crappy phone. But I do like the effect after I doctored it up.

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      • I believe that is how it works; somehow, the Earth and the sun and the moon are all at just the right angle for it. But the harvest moon is wonderful in its own right. Do you know the Neil Young song “Harvest Moon”?

        I think you need some kind of super-duper special camera for moon photography; cell phones just don’t cut it. But I like the effect too 🙂

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  2. I hate to be a Debbie Downer, but the lunar tetrad was last year and the one before it. The next blood moon won’t happen again for a long while (2032-2033!). You were spot on with the harvest moon part though!

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  3. Another part of nature to appreciate. Is the moon considered nature? Maybe not, outer space. I would think nature is on the land. But a creation of God , yes!

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