Excited AND jealous!


My son LIVES here in this beautiful apartment complex with a pool and a hot tub.  AND only a few minutes away from the beach.   Ahhhhh!   SO jealous!   I can’t wait to be there in just a few more days!  I may never come home!


10 thoughts on “Excited AND jealous!

    • It’s actually decent–less than $1K a month but he shares it with his partner. Not a lot more than I pay for my ancient falling down duplex. 😀


      • sheesh!!! 1,000 total you mean and shared or his half?
        my one bedroom is $1350 I want to move
        granted I have a lower rate than anyone in this building.. (been here 6 years,locked in rate,tiny increase) ALL utilities included..NO separate bills (except phone/tv/internet,I don’t have cable tv just internet)
        TWO levels… TWO bathrooms
        balcony.. but still just one bedroom
        for where I am its the going rate/good deal
        scares me somewhat
        have fun that’s looks like a vacation!! rather than a living space wow

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        • He pays half of that. he says it’s pretty cheap where he lives. I’m thinking about moving there. My area has gotten SO expensive and I’m tiring of it too.


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