What is family?

I just saw this on Twitter.

“Blood makes you related.  Loyalty makes you family.”


2 thoughts on “What is family?

  1. That really is very cute. And true. You can’t choose your family, unfortunately.

    I’m having a hard time with believing how a conversation just went with someone I thought was a friend. She questions what I tell her, a lot. And it’s about my own business. Invalidating. It’s like I have to prove myself and explain how I know what I’m talking about. And then I remind her of something she once said that backs up my claim and then she denies ever having said it. Must be a narc. Like I once said, so many from my past are. Probably time to move on from that friendship.


  2. Hahaha! The cat’s little face poking out from under the toque made me laugh the most.

    Even though relationships can be painful and awkward for me, I’ve committed myself to begin to make friends as replacement for family. It makes me feel a little freer, like starting afresh.


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