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  1. but sometimes I want to be “perfect” to MYSELF which apparently is something to make fun of and not at all liked by others and I don’t care(anymore)
    but my “perfect” feelings are so fun and a high and joyful and not vain arrogant or narc:) but a peace with self
    I get the saying here though of course!
    but that’s the perfect of “the others”
    that stresses us out
    I have my own version:)
    so be perfect!:)!
    or as Jesus said too” be ye perfect even as I AM perfect”
    He meant His kind of perfect!
    HIS kind of perfect didn’t mean as people may think, oh that’s impossible it means morally perfect!
    well.. but He meant in HIS WAY,how it is attained He already said : )
    so go for it! take it!
    be it
    silence all the ‘voices’ and naysayers
    “I will silence all of daughter zions noisome music, so that you will hear a pin drop”
    in order to recreate her.
    being perfect is noisy!
    being perfect is quiet
    cuz its yours
    perfect is something you used to want and enjoy until others ruined even that word!
    they hated that you FELT it
    we should all write what our perfect day is.. like good hair day..wearing purple! getting your hour of exercise in and then chilling with a book. connecting with a friend.
    do you remember someone saying snidely “oh you think youre so perfect!”
    take all words back
    theyre not allowed to redefine being perfect to you.

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