Word of the week: Frowsy.

This is a new feature I’m starting.  Every Saturday, I will post an unusual or archaic word along with its definition and what I think of it.

FROWSY is a word I remember hearing a lot more when I was a child.   It’s a real word, not a slang word, but I think it’s fallen out of fashion because I really never hear it any more.  It’s a fantastic word though, and sounds exactly like what it describes, so it needs to come back.

The chart of its popularity over time does show that “frowsy” is a lot less used than it used to be, but even in the ’60s it wasn’t much used.   It seems to have been at its most popular early in the 20th century–the 1920s an 1930s.    Lately it’s shown a slight uptick.   Maybe other people are discovering what a great word it is.




23 thoughts on “Word of the week: Frowsy.

  1. Lucky Otter I love words and learning new words and no I’ve never heard of frowsy before. Would it be similar to frumpy? My style of dress as a borderline was a bit frowsy while I was ill and before recovering. Nowadays I pay a lot of attention to grooming and enjoy dressing and accessorizing.

    I’ve also heard that’s one way you can tell a borderline from a narc. A borderline dresses down, a narc dresses to the nines!

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  2. I remember the world from my childhood, but I never heard it applied to a place, only a person. Usually one who’d just crawled out of bed and hadn’t found a hairbrush.

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  3. Ha! I just used this word to describe my hubby’s hair and beard, or rather we both did. We got a chuckle from this. Thank you for sharing, I love learning new things every day!

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  4. Had to check to make sure my cam was not running – thought maybe you were talking about me. (feeling a bit frowzy today!) Love words. Love this – thank you!! And thanks to Dray, for sending me over 🙂

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