Emotional Abuse.


Can you think of any other examples?


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  1. Blackmail? Of all kinds? Like, “I’ll break up with you if – ” or even worse, “I’ll myself if – “

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  2. stalking, hovering(isolating) spying(being invasive) many things I thought of are shades of what’s already on the list…
    cutting off resources (control)
    psychological mental abuse added to all the above but I mean, I don’t know the name of this but trying to convince you you are actually crazy or even make you go crazy.
    making you dependant.. or just destroyed.. and not self sufficient


  3. How about the “secondary abuse” when others, like children, witness one spouse (or anyone) victimize/abuse another.
    For example, a soldier may return from war with no physical injuries to self but what he/she witnessed was horrific and has resultant underlying wounds.


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  4. Using others, like other children, adults, enablers to reinforce worthlessness.
    Lies, innuendo and strategic, destructive slanderous gossip to create social alienation and marginalization
    Clearly affectionate toward one set of children while displaying clear contempt for the scapegoat in all interactions
    Creating the same contempt in other siblings or other relatives and reinforcing it with praise or favors when the contempt is particularly gratifying to the narcissist. (an example I was at a store, at the check out line and made a comment to my mother about the price of something matter of factly. . To this she replied in a sarcastic, snarky tone clearly insulting me, the clerk said with a smile “oh that was a good one” to which my mother beamed happily. Clearly the clerk whom we’d never met grew up in a home in which the dynamic of contempt was honored. The spirit breaking of that moment in which all the world seemed the tool of narc abuse
    Contemptuous tone of voice
    Obvious clear disparate treatment for example “here’s your Christmas gift, a goodwill item, here is your sisters Christmas gift something new from Macy’s” The fact there is a Christmas gift at all creates plausible deniability “I got you a gift, what its not good enough? you spoiled brat”
    Creating PTSD in another person
    Munchhausen syndrome in which the child’s health and well-being is sacrificed for a narc fix
    Ruining every holiday intentionally causing pain
    Spiritual abuse using religion as a club to alienate a child from God from church and their own beautiful self
    WOW< it feels good to make a list just based on memories and name the abuse for what it was…

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