Sleeping off sadness.

I haven’t posted for a couple of days because, frankly, I’m too depressed to post anything.   I’ve been coming home from work and pretty much sleeping it off.   I hope this mood passes soon.


20 thoughts on “Sleeping off sadness.

  1. sorry you are feeling sad and I’m glad you are choosing to reach out and share rather than keeping it bottled inside. You are not alone. I’m going through stuff right now as well and hearing that I also am not alone, helps a lot so thank you just for being there for us!

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  2. I know the feeling well, I’m sorry to say.

    Just out of curiosity, do you normally get enough sleep, or do you tend to skimp on it? I’m wondering if your body is just suffering from sleep deprivation, and this is its way of letting you know.

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    • And I’m sure that Ms Otter will be OK! She has the right attitude to, in the words of one of my favorite therapeutic songs, “just roll with it, baby.”

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