I’m proud of my son.


I must have done something right raising him.   He manages a convenience store, and today while my son was running the register, an old white guy standing in line started making racist slurs.  There was a black man standing behind him.  The old man said to my son, “ain’t nothing worse than a dumb n____r.”  My son became enraged and actually told the jerk to get the hell out of his store.   Good for him!

16 thoughts on “I’m proud of my son.

    • It’s probably my BPD/C-PTSD —
      I was engaging in some “splitting”– I was very symptomatic for a few weeks there–jumping to conclusions, Catastrophizing (thinking the worst of everything). I think I’m ok now. I deleted that other post anyway (the one where I was worrying about him turning into a narc). I feel sort of foolish now.


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