“Doctor shopping”? Oh, PLEASE!

Not long ago, I wrote about my housemate, a woman several years older than me who lives with chronic, unrelenting, severe pain due to a number of chronic medical conditions. I ranted about how none of the doctors will prescribe this woman any pain medicine, because of the dumb drug laws in this state, which are very strict. But IMHO, they’ve gone way too far. If you’re wealthy, of course, you can pay a doctor to give you pain medicine, but because this woman is on SSDI and gets Medicare, she doesn’t have much choice in who she can see. Now she is being accused of “doctor shopping” and is required to attend an evaluation for substance abuse before anyone can prescribe her anything. As far as I know, this woman has never been addicted to drugs! Oh, but she might *get* addicted. *eyeroll*  She might even be distributing, even though she is 60 years old, can barely walk, and doesn’t know anyone here anyway.  So I guess she’s just supposed to LIVE with the pain?  If it were me, you’d better believe I’d be “doctor shopping.”

She’s supposed to be having surgery (knee and shoulder replacement), but they keep putting it off and in the meantime, are doing NOTHING to help her.

I wouldn’t normally get involved in something like this, because under normal circumstances it would violate my boundaries (and probably hers too), but I wrote this letter of my own accord, because I am at my wit’s end and my boundaries are being violated anyway, by this woman’s constant pain I must deal with.  I will not toss her on the streets (although I could and may have to if things don’t get better or she gets much worse) but it’s very, very difficult to live with someone in severe, chronic pain who talks about nothing else, even if it’s a close relative like your mother, but this is a woman I didn’t know from Adam until last October. I don’t know how much this letter is going to help (it’s probably more useful as a rant to get things off my own chest); she probably needs to get an advocate (I know they’re out there), but I have no idea how she would go about getting one.   The behavior of the so-called “medical profession” toward people like my housemate is appalling, in my opinion. So I ranted off in this letter, which I hope you can read. You may need to click on the photos to make them large enough to read.




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  1. Some states are so cruel now to innocent pain-sufferers. My state is. I just had bones removed from my hand/wrist and some moved and I was advised I would only be given enough pain meds for two weeks after surgery. Luckily for me I have a high pain tolerance and my body cannot handle pain meds so it wasn’t an issue for me but it made me so sad/mad for others who have a serious surgery and or are in chronic pain, don’t have a high pain tolerance and can/need pains meds! I said a prayer for your roommate. I hope she gets an advocate from somewhere because with her age and medical condition this is ridiculous and cruel what they are doing to her. So unfair…

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    • I agree. She has even asked about pain management but apparently it isn’t covered or something. I’m not sure. It’s incredibly cruel, just because of the fear of lawsuits or whatever due to the ridiculous drug laws. But if she was wealthy, there’d be no problem. I sure hope I’m never in her position. Yikes.
      I’m glad you were able to cope due to having a high pain threshold. I think some people just tolerate pain better than others, and it’s probably genetic


  2. Life, no people….just as equal to you, can be so cruel. This saddens me. Where is the compassion? Maybe the rules are there to make up for the people taking advantage of and getting hooked on pain medicine. Life hurts so much, sometimes. I hope she gets the help she needs. I hate to think about things like this. Because I have no solution. 😕😔

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