One step up on the corporate ladder!


This seemed so insignificant at first I almost forgot to post about it.

On Thursday I was summoned by my boss, who told me I’m being promoted to a semi-supervisory position. It doesn’t pay a lot more and the job isn’t really any less crappy, but it’s still recognition for being good at my crappy job, and that does feel kind of good, especially in a crappy economy in a geographic area where good jobs are scarce and almost everyone who isn’t independently wealthy is slaving away at McJobs and trying to get by on $8 an hour.

I never asked to be promoted at this job, and really don’t care that much one way or the other (what I really want to do is write and publish a book–what’s stopping me, anyway?), but I realized that this promotion really is kind of a big deal, because I’m one of those people who is rarely chosen for promotions in most jobs (in spite of almost always getting excellent performance reviews). I think I get overlooked a lot because I never projected much confidence and always tended to be a pushover in work situations and fade into the woodwork. I think therapy is making me act more self confident or something, and this is a small testament to to that.  I also noticed people seem to like me more than they used to, or maybe it’s just that I’m less hypervigilant now and don’t keep imagining that everyone hates me.

12 thoughts on “One step up on the corporate ladder!

  1. Congratulations! A promotion is a big deal and I hope that you will receive and accept more recognition in the days ahead. This is encouraging growth -there is something strong in enduring crappy jobs and making the best of them to the point your work is recognised. I’m proud of you

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  2. I like what Katie said and yes you were recognized! Feels good doesn’t it? And also you are worthy of the promotion and the boss thought/felt that. I will bet your confidence has grown as YOU are growing still. I think we family scapegoats are later bloomers than most. So Congratulations!

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    • I agree, I think most of us are late bloomers-VERY late bloomers. It’s hard to reach that point where you stop that internal voice that repeats the same message that you are unworthy you’ve been led to believe by your abusers. Even when you know you’ve been lied to, it’s hard to let go of the internal programming.

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  3. Congratulations… on everything. It’s awesome as well as encouraging to read that there is some healing taking place in therapy. Baby steps. Today a promotion…tomorrow the world! Lol…just kidding. But maybe that book, or a few pages written on the hard drive.

    It’s good to read some good news. And happy mother’s day. 🙂

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