Pretend it’s 1995.



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Recovering from C-PTSD due to narcissistic abuse from childhood. I was married to a sociopathic narcissist for 20 years. Proud INFJ, Enneagram type 4w5. Animal lover, music lover, cat mom, unapologetic geek, fan of the absurd, progressive Christian, mom to 2 Millennials, mental illness stigma activist, passionate anti-Trumper. #RESISTANCE
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12 Responses to Pretend it’s 1995.

  1. This constant phone checking is irritating and rude, it actually erodes relationships. I used to have a younger friend who did this on our weekly meet up.

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  2. Kay Morris says:

    I love it! Conversation and personal connections are lost arts

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  3. kmeskimen says:

    My phone is my life, it has everything on it. So I have trouble with this all the time.


  4. Ruby says:

    I do wish it would go back to the old way of doing things. Guess that means I’m old-fashioned. No but really, people used to have reasons to call each other and actually talk. Now with things like google you don’t even bother to call to ask someone a question.

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    • luckyotter says:

      I agree…to a point. But I know now that these things exist, I would be beside myself without them. But back then, we didn’t miss them and there was more actual….talking. But for an introvert like me, it’s easier to text or email. lol


  5. Just Plain Ol' Vic says:

    I think society would burst into flames if everyone had to put down their phone, get away from social media and actually hold a conversation.

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