Personal bias and diagnostic labels.

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I’m probably overthinking this, but I was wondering if my therapist’s giving me a C-PTSD diagnosis and not a BPD one could have to do with his having positive feelings about me. He admitted he likes me personally, not in a sexual way (I don’t think, anyway–and if so, I would not want to know) but he has said things like “I look forward to our sessions” and “You make my job easy” and well, I can just tell he is fond of me. As hypervigilant and over-attuned to other people’s reactions to me as I am (a very narcissistic trait, I think), I’d definitely be able to feel any negative vibes if they existed.

Would a therapist who sees the same traits in a person they like diagnose them with something non-stigmatizing or more open-ended (like PTSD or C-PTSD) and one they dislike with a highly stigmatizing label like…

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