Promise of spring.

I had an exhausting (but not bad) work day today.   Springlike weather today–some sun, some rain.  On the way home, I saw this rainbow spread out before me like a promise of the warm spring days to come.



13 thoughts on “Promise of spring.

  1. Pretty, pretty!

    I not only left the house but actually RODE MY BIKE today!!!!!

    Seven whole miles woo hoo.

    (It was half in a comically-stiff headwind; I was forced to go so slowly that I feared I’d fall over!)

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  2. I was out today myself. Only needed a jacket. It did rain in the later afternoon, but, no rainbows here:( We did have wind though. My umbrella was out and I had to hold onto the top of it to keep it from blowing inside-out. This Winter has been mild for the most part for me so I feel lucky. Spring and Summer bring me to life and I’m looking forward to it.

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    • I am too. Fall and winter are hard on me because I have seasonal affective disorder. Although I love fall weather, I always get depressed when the days become noticeably shorter, so I don’t look forward to the fall too much.


  3. Wind, rain and sleet here, why does the wind make a cold day even colder? Temperatures struggled to reach 35 in old money (just above freezing in new) yet it’s March and the weather is supposed to be more settled and warmer! Why’s it getting colder?

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