Winter Storm Jonas update.

Winter Storm Jonas (when did they start naming winter storms?) has dumped about 2 feet of snow here in western NC. Most of the southern US and the Mid-Atlantic is getting slammed.

I took some pictures early this morning in this post. Here’s the view at 4 PM. (Click photos to enlarge).




Jonas isn’t done yet. It’s supposed to keep snowing until late tonight or even tomorrow. A few minutes ago I let my 2 cats out in it. Cleo is nowhere to be found and my tuxedo cat, Sheldon, came skulking back in with the hairs down his spine standing on end. 😆 I wish I’d gotten a photo but he never stays still long enough for me to get good photos of him.

I’m praying we don’t lose power. Many people have. I did not prepare for this.

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  1. I can just imagine Sheldon; LOLOL! I have a Tortie who is the light of my life who would be doing the same thing!

    (It’s a shame they can’t laugh at themselves!)

    Like many born-and-bred Yankees, I don’t associate any part of either of the Carolinas with that kind of snow, although about a month after I moved into my house in Fort Lauderdale, they had such record lows that the stoplights failed to work, and BSO were out directing traffic in SKI MASKS! I was actually SOBBING when I left the house that day.

    I hope you have and/or can get everything you need, and I hope your power stays on! Your comment just reminded me that I’d better put my laptop battery back in now and let it recharge.

    (I keep it out because the computer is much cooler that way, at least according to some geeks.)

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    • They really aren’t prepared for this sort of weather in the south, at least not this far south (I’m close to the South Carolina border). Florida I’m sure not at all. What we usually get here in the winter is ICE! Not fun.


      • I’m told Sanitation has 300,000 TONS of rock salt in reserve.

        Those with street-parked cars will be digging it out from their undercarriages through April.

        I LOVE my landlady and usually start shoveling our sidewalk once there’s enough accumulation to TO shovel, and then I salt it to keep it under control. Great for my arms!

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