Come closer…go away.

I hesitated about posting this here, but I’m going to take the plunge and do it that because I’ve never once regretted “running naked in public.” (I haven’t changed the URL yet because it costs money for me to do that so I have to wait.)

2 thoughts on “Come closer…go away.

  1. Thats the Borderline thing. Wanting love and craving love desperately, but then pushing people away when the feel smothered. They fear Abandonment, but they also fear intimacy. When they push their lover away, and the lover leaves ..they flip out and want the lover back and thus the cycle continues to blow hot and cold in their relationships.

    I have a Freind (a female) who I trying to help at the moment. She is a borderline and one of the relationships that she is in happens to be with a Narcissist man. He is toying with her at the moment. In her relationships, she is focused on the Narcissist. The none narcissistic man she is involved with she puts on the shelf. She is totally obsessed with the Narc man.


    • I have to admit that absorbing all these disordered people has changed my life. I have a keen understanding when it comes to people.

      I use to care about what everyone thought about me so much. I’m more laid back and I don’t care what they think anymore. I seem to have become more of a mentor of others.

      I wonder what a conversation with my ex-narc would look like these days. I know I definitely would interject maturely these days. If he spoke to me, I don’t think I’d feel intimidated. I’d probably be straight up and honest. And thats not game for a Narcissist.

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