Guess who’s one year old today!


It’s hard to believe that this blog, which I started on a whim one year ago today, was just the beginning of a life changing journey that would take way too long to detail here.

In one year, Lucky Otter’s Haven has achieved the following milestones:

87,188 visitors from 177 countries
1,012 posts

LOH has been viewed most often by:
1. United States
2. United Kingdom
3. Canada
4. Australia
5. Germany
6. Netherlands
7. South Africa
8. India
9. Ireland
10. France

Top 10 posts (2015 only):
1. A Match Made in Hell: Narcissists and HSPs: 8,980 views
2. 20 Songs About Narcissists (#11-20): 7,999 views
3. 20 Songs About Narcissists (#1-10): 5,503 views
4. Grandiose and Vulnerable Narcissists: 4,868 views
5. Famous People Who Have NPD: 3,838 views
6. The Distinctive “Look” of Psychopathy: 3,394 views
7. Why You Should Never Jump into a New Relationship After Narcissistic Abuse: 3,278 views
8. Do Narcissists Cry? 2,317 views
9. 12 Weird Things You Might See a Narcissist Do: 1,942 views
10. 12 More Songs About Narcissism: 1,620 views

Baby picture (what LOH looked like in January 2015):

23 thoughts on “Guess who’s one year old today!

  1. Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday Lucky Otter
    Happy Birthday to you

    How old are you now?
    How old are you now?
    You are just one year old
    That’s how old you are now

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  2. Well….I had no idea that you were only around for a year. I think I met you in the beginning of this year. What a year. I learned a lot. I went through lots of changes, and I’m not afraid of going through many, many more.

    In November it will be 2 years since I met my Narc. Unlike most people, I really did like my Narc. He taught me a lot. I couldn’t write songs before I met him. I was stuck in this crazy politicians life. A politicians world is a world where you can easily lose insight on who you are. You end up adapting to everything they tell you, you should do and everything you shouldn’t say or do. I just couldn’t do it. I just wanted to be exactly who I am. And I wanted to write my songs about exactly what I want to write them about.

    The Devil’s Son – Is when 2 lovers or people or different countries or various religious groups or whoever…come up with there own ideology of Good or Evil. Wrong or right… Based on some kind of agenda??? Well… I thought the terminology… The Devil’s Son with that multi faceted biblical quote “40 days and 40 nights” described the illness in humanity well. And I ranted on and on about the cycle of Narcissistic abuse. I think we are all guilty of using it. We idealize to get what we want. We devalue and degrade when we don’t see eye to eye or have conflicted beliefs. We discard to win.

    I didn’t even understand what my writing meant while I write those lyrics. But I get it now. It all makes perfect sense.

    The world we live has an illness… And my song explains it.

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    • And I put in the lyric:
      All the battles that we fought, they could not be won.

      Well…obviously any kind or any form of a battle whether it’s one on one…or nations and there religious wars or battles for resources??? Its a no win. Everyone loses. And we’ve seen it in history going back to ancient times. Its Narcissism from Small and at large. The human ego is sick at large…and it is going to take a mass human inner conscious effort to change the world. Its the only way to end the cycle of abuse.

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    • I agree with you the world is very sick. I can’t remember who said, “insanity is a sane way to cope with an insane world” but it’s true. People who are thriving in this world and like the way it is are the insane ones, imo.
      Yes, a lot has happened this year. And it’s gone by so fast! The older you get the more time speeds up. Each year seems quicker than the last. it’s kind of scary!

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      • Oh no! I hate depression more than anything!! I wish there was a way to beat depression up. Like if depression is a big monster black bear, I would kick depression’s a$$….

        I have fighting black bears on my mind right now. My husband recently saw one just a few feet from our house. And today I was walking our little dog past a nearby tree that was covered with peaches two days ago, but today all but about 3 or 4 peaches were gone. When I looked up in the tree, the few remaining peaches still hanging on the branches all had HUGE bites taken out of them! Eek!!

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        • The bears ate them! We have bears around here too. Lots of people chain their trash bins down to keep the bears away. Once I almost came face to face with a bear when walking in the woods behind a building I used to work in. Nearly scared me to death — I don’t think the bear saw me though.

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          • The bear knew you were there. I have been researching it. Bears have better eyesight and better hearing than humans, and their sense of smell is 7 times better than a dog!!!

            The good news is they rarely attack humans, but when they feel threatened or hungry they will. Here in New Mexico there have been cases of Black Bears breaking into homes, either through window glass or doors, and attacking the people inside. In one case the bear attacked an elderly woman in her bed!

            According to DNA studies, the New Mexican Black Bear is a unique species, not the same as other black bears. I wish we could move — a couple of weeks ago a rattlesnake over 6′ long was killed about 50′ from our house! This place is freaking scary!!

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