Mental Health Blogger Award nomination.


I’m humbled and proud to announce that Tessa from Tessa Can Do it has nominated this blog for the Mental Health Blogger Award. This award recognizes blogs that both promote mental health awareness and attempt to reduce the stigma associated with mental disorders.

Thank you so much for the honor, Tessa!

So I’m paying it forward by nominating five blogs I think deserve this award too. Nominees should do the following if they wish to accept the award:

The Rules:

1. Place this award somewhere on your website.

2. Nominate five bloggers who promote Mental Health awareness to receive this award.

3. Give reasons for your nominations.

My Nominations:

1. BPD Transformation has a very informative and well researched blog about Borderline personality disorder (BPD) and believes the negative “Cluster B” stigma associated with BPD can be eliminated by focusing on treating its symptoms over the medical model of misleading diagnostic labeling.

2. An Upturned Soul is a narcissistic abuse survivor whose articles are very well written and entertaining at the same time. This blogger definitely knows a lot about NPD and malignant narcissism but writes in a way that doesn’t automatically bash people who have NPD but instead attempts to educate people about them so they can protect themselves accordingly. I also like her out of the box thinking and thought provoking ideas.

3. Grace For My Heart is a Christian-oriented blog written by a pastor. While not specifically about mental illness, every Friday Pastor Dave features his intelligent and engaging “Narcissist Friday” posts, which focus on NPD and narcissistic abuse. I’m impressed by Pastor Dave’s intelligently written posts that do not stigmatize or promote hatred of people with NPD, but at the same time make it clear how dangerous people with this disorder can be and that the best thing the rest of us can do for ourselves is not to have contact with them.

4. Make BPD Stigma-Free! — the title of this blog is self explanatory. It’s also a good source of information about BPD and methods of treatment and therapy.

5. Discussing Dissociation: Thoughts from a Trauma Therapist — Although this site focuses on those suffering from DID (dissociative identity disorder), there is much information and help here for anyone suffering from other mental disorders caused by abuse and trauma, such as C-PTSD; and the dissociative symptoms associated with the “dramatic” Cluster B personality disorders.


11 thoughts on “Mental Health Blogger Award nomination.

  1. Thank you very much for nominating me. However I will have to decline this award because I don’t want to add additional items to my blog; I am a bit obsessive about keeping it clutter-free.

    Also, I do not believe stigma around BPD can be eliminated by focusing on symptoms. In fact I think efforts to eliminate BPD’s stigma are doomed to failure. Rather, I believe BPD should be entirely abolished and replaced with a more explanatory/etiological label, or that mental illness labels should simply not be used.

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    • No need to explain, I understand. In fact, I stopped accepting awards too, mainly because I don’t have time to do all the work it requires. I made an exception for this one mainly because it only requires me to pick 5 blogs. I understand about wanting to keep your blog clutter free too. So no worries. πŸ™‚


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    Thank you, Lucky Otter, for nominating Discussing Dissociation for this Mental Health Blogger Award. That’s a great honor, and I definitely appreciate your reading here, and encouraging others to do the same.
    With much gratitude,

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