I like these selfies I just took.



9 thoughts on “Laughing.

  1. Good you are smiling, I hope that is a reflection of the week you have had.
    I think I have found something to take me away from the ever-increasing depression that has been the reason for my steadily declining work week..
    Have a great weekend!!!!

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    • Believe it or not, when I took this photo, I was EXHAUSTED! Not especially happy or sad but I agree I look happy here.
      That’s great you found some relief from the doldrums of depression, sending good wishes your way!

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      • I started to razz you about not running me off yet, but I didn’t think iot was wise to trust my sense of humor….
        No but seriously, its why I said that to you, because I knew you would find a way to make the blues go away.
        If I don’t get to work, I’m liable to run myself off, Thank You for the support, I’ll be back by when I get this installment written.

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  2. Being overly tired can sometimes lead a person to act goofy. A goofy smile could be mistaken for a happy one, which seems to be the case here. hope you are now well-rested but maybe still a little goofy.:)

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