Fleas or narcs?


The only thing I don’t like about the coming of spring and summer (besides the high humidity later on) is fleas. But because I have so many pets, every summer I do mighty battle with these leaping little bastards from hell.

Fleas! Argggghhh! I hate fleas more than just about anything else–and that’s a lot of things.

I have no idea why fleas ever evolved or how they ever really fit into the food chain. Or if you believe in creation, why God would have put these teeny weeny jumping demons on the Ark along with Noah. I don’t know why they exist or what their earthly purpose could possibly be.

Fleas are annoying, they suck your blood, they are everywhere, and they’re nearly impossible to get rid of. At least maggots, gross they are, help break down dead meat so they have a dirty job to do, just like that guy on TLC who made a reality show out of doing all the gross jobs no one else wanted to do. But someone’s got to do it.

What do fleas do? Fleas are the planet’s parasitic losers (except they seem to be winning).


You know what else is useless, annoying, everywhere, sucks your blood, and nearly impossible to get rid of? What else on this planet are parasitic losers who seem to be winning?


Maybe some Frontline can help keep the narcs under control too.


The only thing better about a narc than a flea is they don’t make your lower legs itch like hell and develop raw red sores that make you look like you have a bad skin disease. But instead of fucking with your epidermis, they fuck with your grey matter.

Hey, I got it. Let’s find a way to make all the narcs attractive to fleas–maybe there’s some sort of pheromone cologne we can splash all over them–and the rest of us and our pets can live flea-free. The narcs will be too busy scratching to bother us much anymore.

13 thoughts on “Fleas or narcs?

  1. I treated my yard with flea and tick granules. It really seems to help in controlling these hideous parasites.
    Sorry you’re having to deal with this issue. It can really be maddening to say the least.

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  2. Thankfully we haven’t had to deal with fleas with our dog. We do that flea/heart worm thing that we are supposed to put on the back of the neck of our dog once a month.

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    • Neem oil is supposed to be good but it doesn’t kill the fleas, just repells them, and it STINKS. Don’t buy the generic brands of flea killer–only use Frontline or Advantage. They’re expensive but nothing else really works.

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  3. Our cat had ear mites when we first got him. I used Revolution, it goes on the back of the neck. Its $50 then you have to pay for the vet visit. Which is a lot more. We keep the cat in the house now.

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    • Good idea. I have 5 cats and can’t keep 3 of them inside. They wear flea collars and I treat them with Frontline or Advantage when I can afford it. If not, I use the cheap stuff which really isn’t that good. There are always fleas in the house every summer. Two of the cats will be rehomed soon though.

      My cats have had ear mites and they’re a lot easier to get rid of then fleas, IMO.


      • Its been awhile now and his ears are still dirty looking inside. I’m hoping they’ll return to normal soon. He doesn’t have ear mites anymore. My last cat had very clean looking ears always. I couldn’t keep that one inside either, but he never got anything.

        Hope the cats will enjoy their new homes.

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  4. Last year I was sitting outside reading the Bible and I noticed no mosquitoes would come near me. I could not believe it. That spinning off pin on thing works wonders too!

    The Bible seemed to repel these little blood suckers.. I never learned that at church or any where else. I discovered it by accident. I always knew their was power in the word but I never knew it worked with some kinds of insects.
    Maybe the Bible can get rid of other insects too?
    I know some books can bring insects to people so why not find a book that scatters them.

    I was wondering if anyone else has discovered this rare and interesting phenomenon?

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