My daughter’s sociopathic ex isn’t done with her yet.

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Remember Paul, the psychopath who gave such a great impression but was actually a crackhead who was abusing my daughter while she was living with him? The one who gaslighted her and told me horrible lies about her smoking meth and shooting heroin (when she wasn’t doing any such thing) during their short relationship over November and December? The one who actually turned me into his flying monkey until I realized what this character was really up to?

Well, guess what. My daughter got a summons to appear in court about the “door she broke” (when he slammed her into it when she tried to leave) and the “money she stole” (the settlement money my DAUGHTER got for her car accident that I was foolish and trusting enough to let HIM hold onto for her because I didn’t trust HER).

I would laugh if it wasn’t so crazymaking for both of us. What a loser.


4 thoughts on “My daughter’s sociopathic ex isn’t done with her yet.

    • I’ll definitely talk to her about that. She can’t afford a lawyer but he can and he’s much more glib than she is. But the fact I’m sure they’ll find out in the court records that the guy has 3 children by 3 different women, none of who want anything to do with him and don’t want him near their kids, also the fact he’s been living in this state only 4 months, hasn’t actually worked (apparently he’s studying for his med tech certification) the whole time he’s been here and paid his expensive house in CASH–well, I think all that makes him seem dishonest–maybe that stuff will come out in court.
      There’s also the incident with the cat–when he tried to dump her in the woods instead of returning her to us–the shelter personnel were aware of what he did because we told them and they remembered him coming in an hour earlier with the cat and they said there was something off about him and he was being rough on the cat.

      There must be some recourse for her. The jerk is just trying to fuck around with her life. I don’t think he’ll get away with it though, unless the judge is easily swayed by glibness and a way with words. She has the better story and comes across as a codependent type (she just got diagnosed with BPD and not NPD–thank God! Also PTSD which I knew about).

      I’ll definitely talk to her about what you said. There’s also an organization here that offers free legal services to the poor.


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