Famous people who have NPD


This is not my own list, but I agree with most of the people listed in this blog post.

Here is the entire article:

There are many people all around us that suffer from Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD), more commonly referred to as narcissism. There are many well known individuals who display characteristics of narcissism, if not full blown NPD. They range from politicians to celebrities, from ministers to business leaders. Some writers and researchers believe that successful and famous people have acquired or situational narcissism; they do show narcissistic traits but only after they have worked hard, sometimes for years, to get there. But that success often produces a personality pattern replete with narcissistic traits. Others believe that these people were narcissistic to begin with and sought out opportunities and fields that would satisfy their narcissistic needs. Either way, once they become famous it leads to narcissistic thinking and behaviors; they have lots of money and/or fame, don’t wait in line at restaurants or events, have limo service, and are asked for photographs and so on. This often leads to demanding behavior, feeling they are above the law, becoming more exhibitionistic and many have public social or emotional meltdowns (frequent run-ins with the law, drug and alcohol abuse, attempting suicide, etc.).
Let’s take a look at some of the famous people who show personality traits that suggest narcissism. Most of them show grandiose thinking and exaggerated self-importance, many believe or fantasize about the power they have, most believe they are special, need to be admired and feel entitled. Many dictators and criminals had or have narcissistic personalities as well as the Hollywood celebrities; some are negative role models and some are positive. Hitler and Stalin both had grandiose self-images as did Casanova, Marquis de Sade, Peter Sellers, and the heart surgeon Christiaan Barnard. Other likely suspects are Madonna, Margaret Thatcher, Paris Hilton and O.J. Simpson. Here are just a few of the many that come to mind:


Jim Jones
Saddam Hussein
Warren Beatty
Ryan O’Neal
Alec Baldwin
Sharon Stone
Elvis Presley
William Shatner
Joan Crawford
Pablo Picasso
Ike Turner
Lee Harvey Oswald
Donald Trump
Kayne West
Charlie Chaplin
Marlon Brando
Eva Peron
Simon Cowell
Adolph Hitler
Joseph Mengele
Joseph Stalin
Ted Bundy
O.J. Simpson
Paris Hilton


The author also has Marilyn Manson on the list, but while I do think he has psychological issues, I don’t think that he is a narcissist. From what I have read of him, he has exceedingly low self esteem and was bullied in school. Narcissists are rarely victims of school bullying.

Many of these people are successful and talented entertainers, and as such have contributed in a positive way to the world, so while they may be narcissists, some of them are probably not malignant narcissists or psychopathic (this just means they are less high on the narcissist spectrum than people who have contributed nothing to the world except evil and misery or have led a parasitic, exploitative lifestyle. Some may even possess small amounts of empathy and give generously to charity.)


Here’s a few others I would add (not a complete list by any means):

Kanye West

The Koch Brothers
Rush Limbaugh
Ayn Rand (she glorified narcissists in her books and a serial killer was her role model)
Scott Peterson
Osama bin Laden
Susan Smith
Jodi Arias
Dick Cheney
Sarah Palin
John Edwards (D-SC who cheated on his wife while she was dying from cancer)
Joel Osteen
Bette Davis
Joan Crawford (may have been Borderline rather than NPD)
Bing Crosby
Mick Jagger
Ted Nugent
Justin Beiber
Nikki Minaj
Most televangelists
Most Reality TV stars
Many rap and rock stars (narcissism is part of their whole badass “package” but it may not be genuine)


Many people have accused Barack Obama of being a narcissist, but I disagree.

I found this interesting chart showing different high-profile professions and the corresponding level of narcissistic traits. Not surprisingly, Reality TV scores highest. (Click to enlarge the chart)



25 thoughts on “Famous people who have NPD

    • I’m not sure why. He may be one (I think all our presidents over recent years are probably narcissists to some degree, with the exception of Jimmy Carte–in fact I think politics has a majority of narcissists because of the nature of politics) but really, most of the time he seems like a wishy washy, bumbling fool who tries too hard to please everyone and thus pleases no one. That could be narcissistic (wanting everyone to approve of him) but I just don’t get a narc vibe about him.


      • Interesting. I don’t know the guy, and I’m not qualified to psychoanalyze anyone… but the fact that he lies all the time, has no conscience, can’t handle criticism, and seems completely devoid of empathy are probably what lead so many people to suspect that he has NPD. But it’s entirely possible that you’re right about him. He certainly is an enigma.


        • Obama is bouncy and cannot handle criticism at times and appears to have no empathy but he does care greatly for his own children. He bounces because he gets confused at times. It can also mean he is open-minded as well. He does demonstrate stubbornness with the ability to listen to others. He is not totally this or that and by demonstrating he is bouncy at times he is saying hey listen I am only human like you the rest of humanity.

          Where he was raised and how he was raised is very important. Not all celebrities are narcissistic but rather were raised in different environments. They may appear one way or another but that is just their on screen persona.
          It has been my experience that people love to assess other people but hate when others assess them. I call it the they can dish it out people but not take it people.
          For by your words you will be justified and by your words you will be condemned.

          People like Oprah love to play judge and jury and love to go around attaching diagnoses to people but do not realize that she is showing people who she is when she goes around playing judge and jury and she will be judged with the same degree of compassion she shows others.
          All these journalist who go around trying to catch people in the act treating people like some science experiment will be judged by the same measure they dish out. They set themselves up in the rulers chair and hand out judgements like they are some rulers who have been appointed to decide the fate of mankind. I find people like Oprah very much aggravating with all the queen of the media jargon…

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          • Obama as bouncy? I never thought of him that way before, I see what you mean though. He seems to want everyone to like him, and therefore pleases no one. A lot of people think he’s narcissistic but I never thought Obama was any more narcissistic than any other politician. Almost all of them are.


  1. I agree with the names listed also. Some people have stated that Oprah is, however, I disagree. Just because this woman has earned status in the entertainment field and money to boot, she has used her money in many charitable respects, and doesn’t “seek” out fame and would prefer no publicity. She doesn’t promote herself IMO. I reblogged.

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    • Oprah thinks she is judge and jury of other people all the time. She believes her opinion is worth more than others. That is one of the reasons why men hate her. While I do think she can be generous I do believe she thinks she is a force to be reckoned with.
      Obama does have a problem with criticism as do many people. Many people do not like to be corrected, Obama is child like in how he views the world at times and can be immature. Some traits people possess are cultural and not necessarily the result of being narcissistic. Cultural surroundings and environment contribute to how people see the world. Paris and other celebrities may seem narcissistic but in reality they are raised differently than most and that does contribute to how they behave but it does not mean they are narcissistic. I disagree with your assessments on some celebrities because some things are cultural.

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  2. How can you remote diagnose these people? I understand the article is just in fun but… not knowing them or their personal lives, one can’t realistically label them this way.

    As for people like Saddam, Hitler, Stalin… why wouldn’t you label them as at least sociopaths, if not outright psychopaths? Of course they did have many narcissistic traits. But it’s hard to imagine this would be a primary diagnosis.

    And as for Justin Bieber… come on! Justin is my boy. No way is he a narcissist. You can’t make music that soulful and moving and be NPD 🙂

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    • At the time I wrote this I wasn’t sure what the difference between a psychopath and a sociopath was. I’m still a little confused because different people seem to have different definitions of what the difference is. My understanding is a sociopath is less “evil” only because they are less likely to plan out their actions and more likely to act on impulse. Does that sound about right?

      As for the celebrities, I didn’t diagnose them myself. I saw their names on other sites as having NPD or it’s already common knowledge they have NPD (Madonna or Kanye West for example). Some I did just guess, but I thought I stated those cases where I did. As for Justin, I don’t remember if I read it somewhere or just made a guess. He’s very young so he may outgrow his …er….spirited behavior.


  3. My ex-husband is a narcissist too (very successful CEO) and so was my father. They’re incredibly hard people to live with and a relief to be away from.

    I was told once that if you’ve grown up with one (ie a parent), it’s not uncommon to partner with one because it’s you’re ‘normal’ and therefore you’re the only type of person that will put up with all their intolerable behaviour and demands (even for a while). What do you think?

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    • The thing about living wth a narc, is that they can turn you as mean as they are, at least when you’re around them. I was downright hateful to my MN ex while I was still living with him. Makes you almost understand how someone can be driven to kill. My roommate unfortunately is a narc too. She pays her rent so I haven’t asked her to leave but it’s getting harder to be nice to her and if I get to a point I start acting mean or it starts to interere with my healing, out she goes. I actually wrote an artice about this the other day (Narcissists are so Annoying” )


      • I agree, you have to get mean because you’re in survival mode and narcisisists lie all the time so it’s very confusing, but I don’t have any in my life now and I’m really happy and relaxed and calm and a completely different person actually.
        My older teen-aged children and I live together and we never have arguments or any friction at all – it’s heaven. If I encounter one at work or somewhere else I just walk away – I think its best to avoid them if you can and look after yourself.


  4. The experience of enduring the machinations (gaming) of the socially-predatory *can* cause one to ‘develop the instincts of a hunted animal’.

    To the ignorant – deliberately so, or otherwise – this can appear as if the prey is becoming a clone of the amalgamated characteristics of their most-frequent predators.

    A suitable analogy might be this: picture a soda can. The predator is on the outside, and he sees the external portions, knowing that the contents is rewarding to his inwards should he broach his prey.

    The predator’s comprehension is that of an ***object*** – the prey is a symbol, and its destruction a testament to his power.

    The prey is ***inside*** the can – in the dark until the predator decides to consume them.

    (all they ever see is the predator…). They are only privy to the predator’s thoughts – or rather, a portion of them, chielfly how they are ‘food, tools, toys and enemies / poison-containers.’ ( a better name, one which indicates how the predator uses them, is ‘dunghill’ – a mound of excrement used to testify to the predator’s absolute power…)

    When one is ‘canned’ in that fashion – one must literally be ‘psychotic’ to not have a dim and dark worldview – and that kind of psychosis only makes yo an easier and more-satisfying ***meal***.

    Finally, relations of slavery – which is how social predators view their prey – are established, maintained – and ultimately broken by violence in its varied forms.

    In short, fighting monsters successfully can demand unconventional methods and tactics, while recognizing that there is but one rule in this war – a war of *subhumans* against self-styled deities.

    VAE VICTIS – woe to the vanquished -> win at all costs.

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  6. Why would you say Sarah Palin is Narcissistic? You mentioned quite a few Republican politicians, but denied Barack Obama. Please explain yourself. If Barack Obama does not fit into the category of NPD, then you cannot say Sarah Palin does, unless you are, God forbid, similar to racial profiling.

    Thank you…


    • I don’t know that Barack Obama isn’t a narcissist. He could be. I think almost all politicians are, to some degree or another. If I put more emphasis on Republican poltiicians, it wasn’t my intention, and there may have been some bias there and I apologize for that. Donald Trump is certainly an obvious narcissist though. It’s pretty much common knowledge.


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