Did you notice any changes?

You may have noticed a few changes on this blog.

— I changed the name of the blog by adding “and Museum of Narcissists” after “Lucky Otter’s Haven.” I wanted to title to include something about its primary subject matter, even though as always, I will write about other things too. I considered “Lucky Otter’s Museum of Narcissists” but that seemed to sound too much like a freak show and the “haven” part is important, because I want victims of abuse to feel like this really is a haven, because it is.

— After changing the title, it went to two lines, and I didn’t like the look of that. I wanted the title to all fit on one line, so I changed the font style from Jubilat Regular to Jubilat Light and reduced the font size down from 3 to 2.

— I changed the default user icons from the standard WordPress design to the monsters. They’re cuter.

I hope everyone likes the changes.

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