Psychopaths should register themselves


Convicted sex offenders are required to “register” themselves to protect potential victims. I think there should be a new law that also requires psychopathic individuals and malignant narcissists to register themselves for the monsters they are. Of course, identifying them all would be tricky (and maybe impossible), but we could start by requiring all suspected psychopaths and narcissists to take the Psychopathy Checklist developed by Dr. Robert Hare. The Checklist has been used with a great deal of success in identifying which criminals are psychopathic, and has been used to make sentencing decisions in murder cases.

Even if only a small portion of these characters were identified and registered, it would save a lot of people from becoming victimized.


6 thoughts on “Psychopaths should register themselves

  1. While I understand your intent, I think this is quite a slippery slope and there are many scary historical precedents. So we “register” someone because, according to a test, they have certain ‘tendencies’ that may make them more susceptible to deviant activities. So do we “register” them if they haven’t done anything yet? If this is deemed legal and constitutional, then where is the line drawn?

    Once a crime is committed, then I understand posting names/locations as a course of public record, but anything that may label someone without having committed a crime I am against.

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    • Of course there are a lot of ethical problems with doing something like this, in addition it isn’t really possible. Since most psychopaths are not criminals, they would have to willingly take the test, and you know they won’t do that. In a perfect world though, if there wasn’t an ethical /practical problem with doing this, it would be a good idea.

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  2. It would be complicated. It won’t catch all of them some will figure out how to foil the test. My ex MN best friend is so sneaky that she knows all the rules of humanity and used to preach at me about it. Tell me I was mean, bad etc, she was actually feeding. I think most of them know the rules.

    When I caught my hubby’s friend triangulating us I said “gotcha”. This guy will preach all the good stuff too. I think because they have no conscience and have to memorize the rules that’s why they are so good.

    The criminal ones are the screw ups. They get caught on the test and in life and that’s good. The successful ones are the ones to watch out for as I think they can foil the test. JMO

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  3. I completely agree with you LuckyOtter, these people are just determined to ruin others lives, it doesnt matter how they do it, as long as they succeed. They should be made to wear a badge that says I am a psychopath. Well done, very informative and enjoyable.


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