Trump’s military spectacle in DC is anything but patriotic.

Jason Heuser’s illustration was meant as an ode to Trump, but actually is an accurate depiction of his narcissistic sense of grandiosity and toxic masculinity.

Trump has a funny way of taking bipartisan things that traditionally unify people and make them divisive and political — and always all about him.

Just as he has done with Christmas and football, Trump has politicized the 4th of July, by using our tax money to pay for a ridiculously expensive — and ridiculously tacky —  spectacle of power and military might complete with tanks and salutations by the various branches of our military to Dear Leader himself.    Not only that, but he has designated a VIP section just for his wealthy donors.   And just like with his endless golf trips and tax breaks for the rich, WE are paying for it. 

There is absolutely nothing patriotic or American about this disgusting spectacle making its way down Pennsylvania Avenue today.   It’s intended solely to please Trump’s base and donors.  It’s basically a very expensive rally for his reelection campaign.   It’s also meant to impress Trump’s dictator buddies like Putin and Kim Jung Un, who also hold military parades in their own countries.

When asked if the United States should have a military parade to “show off its might,” President Dwight Eisenhower once said, “Absolutely not. We are the pre-eminent power on Earth. For us to try and imitate what the Soviets are doing in Red Square would make us look weak.”

Eisenhower was right.  Modern democracies and countries with real strength don’t lower themselves to putting on military parades.  These ostentatious displays are the province of two bit dictatorships and banana republics, and Trump’s military parade is an announcement to the world that the United States has become a two bit dictatorship and is using a display of military might to compensate for its growing weakness in the world.  We now have concentration camps that torture and imprison children and innocent families who try to apply for asylum.  Why not show how big and tough we are by having big ugly tanks roll down the middle of our Capital and salute Dear Leader too?

Public spectacles of military prowess are nothing more than preening displays of power by insecure and cruel leaders who use bullying, punishment, torture, and intimidation to “govern.”   They are not intended to be celebrations or patriotic traditions for all the citizens to enjoy, but are meant to intimidate and scare the populace, to show them they better not mess with Dear Leader.   That’s what Trump is doing.  This parade is also intended as a massive dose of narcissistic supply, which Trump regularly infuses himself with by holding his partisan hate rallies, among other things (like those nauseating meetings he has where his cabinet members, sitting around a long table, each have their turn to shower Trump with praise as he sits there gloating).

I know I won’t be watching Trump’s stupid narcissistic display of toxic masculinity.  I’ll stick to the Macy’s Day Parade, fireworks, and hamburgers cooked on the grill.

Happy Fourth, everyone!


28 thoughts on “Trump’s military spectacle in DC is anything but patriotic.

  1. So, they gave away “VIP” tickets to the rich and loyal and “thousands” of military folks (“show up or else”?) to make sure that the TV will show a big enough crowd (not like the Inauguration). Who will pay? One sure thing, not him.

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    • He might as well hold a neon sign saying, “I have a tiny penis.” LOLOLOL!

      I agree we are doomed if we can’t get rid of him somehow. I’m afraid 2020 is fixed though. We have no checks and balances or rule of law anymore. Trump just does whatever he wants. He thinks he’s a damn king.

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      • You are correct there. Did you see he’s trying to get the citizenship question back on the census??? Wanda Sykes has a great comedy special called “Not normal”, one of the first things she says is how tRump hasn’t aged, yet all of the rest of us have. I feel like that everyday. The continuous shit show coming out of D.C. is aging the crap out of me. The sad fact too, is he does do whatever he wants. How people can blindly follow him is beyond me. I hope it rains on his stupid parade.

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        • I agree with everything you said, and yes, I did see he’s trying to override the DOJ and put the citizenship ? back on the census, even though the DOJ told him NO. He regularly disobeys and thumbs his nose at the law. He thinks he’s above it.

          Yes, I feel like I’ve aged at least a decade since his election. The pre Trump years seem like a lifetime ago, don’t they.

          BTW, I had to edit your comment to take out my real name. I don’t use my actual name on this blog.

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      • The phrase is “we live under the Führerprinzip now,” that being, “the Leader’s will is the sole law.”

        I’ve been calling these stinkers (Drumpfists) Nazis for some time, now. Seems I’m onto something.

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  2. I was hoping this was a joke, but I guess he got the military parade he wanted after all…but with some gaudy and cheap (for him) tweaks. Lovely how the taxpayers will be footing the bill for this, when surely there’s enough money earmarked for that to give soap, diapers, toothpaste, all those people in detention centers on the border (and then a whole lot more).

    Boy, does this scream desperate distraction or what? We are going down the toilet and he’s having a party on our credit card.

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    • I wish we could determine where our tax money goes. I wish I could just stop paying taxes, since none of it is going for anything I believe in and is fact is being used to hurt people and hurt our country (and prop up trump’s massive ego).

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  3. With tanks on the ground and Blue Angels in the air, it feels like an invasion. It is an invasion by Trump and his minions. I haven’t felt like this since 9/11.

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    • I agree. It is very frightening and absolutely does feel like an invasion. He intends it to feel that way. He wants us to be afraid. 11/9 (2016) was just like 9/11. Even Michael Moore said so and made a film about it. Actually….it’s worse. 9/11 united the country. Trump’s election did anything but that.


  4. I am watching PBS – Capitol 4th as they have gone out of their way to say they are in NO WAY affiliated with any other local celebration in the area! I am also happy CBS, NBC, and ABC are NOT airing it.

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  5. It’s weird. I see “follow” on you blog pages even though I already am following. I get email notifications of every new post. And I had to write my comment twice before it appeared. Oh, well. As long as I keep getting your new posts. Just know I am following your blog.

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    • Oh, that happens to me too. All the time. I don’t get notifications from blogs I do follow (like yours, for instance) and I keep having to re-follow blogs I knew I was already following. I think WP is just full of glitches.

      I also noticed something new and wondering if other WP bloggers are having the same issue. I used to be continually signed in, but during the past few weeks, I noticed that if I don’t post for a day, WP will automatically sign me out and I have to re-sign back in. It’s very annoying. I wonder if it’s a glitch or some new policy. –


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