Summer’s end.

The end of summer always brings me sadness — and I mean that quite literally, since I suffer from the mood disorder SAD (seasonal affective disorder) that always sets in around late August and usually sticks around until sometime in late January or early February, when the days start to become noticeably longer.

It seems incongruous to me that it is still so swelteringly hot (we hit 90 degrees F today) and yet signs of fall are everywhere: Halloween (and even Thanksgiving and Christmas) products and decorations in the stores,  kids going back to school, the presence of school buses on the roads when I drive to work in the morning, a few falling leaves here and there,  and that tired, wilted, look the trees and shrubs get before they begin to turn their fall colors (around here, that usually means dingy brown).  And, of course, the dreaded Pumpkin Spice Everything.

Another sign that summer is at its end is the closing of public swimming pools.  Even though it’s still as hot as the inside of a locked car in Miami, the municipal pool has closed its doors until next Memorial Day.   I found that out when I drove over there this afternoon, hoping to enjoy a quick cool down in the water.   Instead of the welcome sight and sounds of people splashing happily in the refreshing turquoise water and the occasional whistle from the lifeguard, what I found instead was a completely abandoned concrete building guarding the pool, which was half-drained so whatever water was left looked as refreshing as thick green pond scum.  The surrounding chain link fence with its rusty Master locks keeping the gates closed completed the desolate look.  The fact I was sweating balls under the blistering sun and the sky was a deep bright summer blue dotted with fluffy cumulus clouds made the sight seem even sadder somehow.

There was also not one person in sight.

I took a few photos so my visit there wouldn’t be a total waste of time.


I enhanced the above “closed” announcement on the main building with a sepia toned filter for a nostalgic effect.


In the above photo, I used a color enhancing filter, making the water a more lurid green and the sky even bluer than it actually was.


Abandoned pool and lifeguard chair in black and white.

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  1. I hope your seasonal effective disorder will stay under control and you will be able to enjoy your fall and winter as much as possible. I live in southern Florida and so we really have only two seasons, hurricane season and snowbird season. 😄😁😉 I admit I love the fall and I use to do a lot of decoration for Halloween. However in the 14 years we have lived here we have had one child come to the door to trick or treat. So we save it all for our Christmas decorations. I wish you the best, and would enjoy any pictures you would like to share of your decorations for the holidays. Best wishes. Hugs

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    • Well, we get no trick or treaters around here either (no sidewalks!) I sort of wish we did. Anyway, I hope you enjoy your fall, and I will try to as well. I like taking drives up on the parkway when the leaves are at their peak, and of course the cooler weather in October is always welcome.

      After the first week of November though, it’s all downhill, though I do enjoy preparing thanksgiving and Christmas dinner (though all the hype and hoopla of Christmas, not so much).

      My son lives in Tampa, and his friend says they have three seasons there: spring (they actually do get some coolish weather in mid winter), summer, and Hell.

      I have been there during Hell (August), but it wasn’t really that bad because we were on the beach most of the time and of course it’s the off season so there were no crowds.
      Where in FL do you live?

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      • I live in North Fort Myers. About two hours south of Tampa. Yes your son is correct we do cool down in the late December and early January. I think when we first came to Florida in 1994 the winter cold season was longer than it is now. Last year I never even got my “winter” jacket out. My husband loves to make holiday dinners. He loves to set the table with fancy stuff. But over the last few years we have not had anyone over for the holiday meal as he tends to work the holidays so those with kids can have them off. We had one thanksgiving meal with over 40 people. Was a wonderful time, but Ron said we are too old to do something like that again. For me the part of holidays I love best are the decorations. Ron knows I love them and so he does grand Christmas displays. You be well, and next time you are in the area, we will get together for coffee or something. Hugs

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        • Oh, I would love to join you for coffee next time I come down there!
          Your husband sounds like a wonderful host. I was never there in the winter months, but I was there in April last year (2017) and it was surprisingly chilly! I even needed a jacket at night and one night it go down into the 40s. We had a good time but swimming would have been better had it been hotter.

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          • Wow, I did not remember it being that cool, but then again living here I don’t pay a lot of attention to it. It takes someone such as you who doesn’t live here to remind us as we tend to simply overlook the weather and it blurs together. I worry more about Hurricanes and sudden wind storms. Both Ron and I keep windbreaker light coats to use in the cooler days of winter. Ron has in his past been in the hospitality field for many many years. In fact he was a butler at a rather famous place. Hugs

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          • Yes I read your post and you inspired Ron and I to want to plan a trip to the Zoo. We are panning it for some time in late January to February. I love well done zoo’s that give the animals a more natural habitat. We use to go to the beach all the time, but we have gotten so caught up in life and its troubles we have not been for years. Hugs

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            • It’s a great zoo! I know how it is to live in a place and after awhile you take its pleasures for granted. It’s easy to do. People in NYC rarely visit its landmarks, people here in the western NC mountains ignore the gorgeous views and many camping/hiking opportunities, and people down where you are take the beaches and other activities for granted and stop going much after awhile. My son has been in FL almost 4 years now and rarely visits the beaches anymore.

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