Rest in peace, John McCain


John McCain finally lost his battle with brain cancer and passed away today.

While I disagreed with much of John McCain’s platform,  I never doubted that he was a good and noble man with integrity, a dedicated American, a war hero, and a true patriot who deserved to be treated with respect and dignity by the party who went rogue and abandoned him and his legacy in favor of the corrupt politics of Trump.

RIP, John McCain.  You lived a life of service to us all.  Thank you.

6 thoughts on “Rest in peace, John McCain

  1. However much I may have disagreed with some of his policy positions, it is sadly a now rare pleasure to be able to so disagree with a truly honorable person. And, as a Vietnam veteran, I always appreciated his efforts on behalf of his fellow vets. A voice of reason (even when wrong) and honest patriotism, and respect for those who disagreed with him in the Senate has been lost.

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  2. I see people on Twitter being nasty about liberals celebrating McCain. Just because he was Republican and voted Republican doesn’t mean we have to hate him. (If that were the case, I’d have to hate half my friends and family!) He and Feingold worked together back in the day, and in 2000 I “protest” voted for him. My regard for him then, hasn’t changed just because I switched parties. Doesn’t mean he was perfect.

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    • I think most reasonable liberals understand that McCain, regardless of his politics, was a true patriot who loved America and respected democracy. yes, I have seen those (usually on the far left) who denigrate him for his conservative politics, but there is a huge difference between conservatism and fascism. Trumpism is a form of fascism and has nothing to do with true conservatisim, though they will tell you otherwise. The people I see dumping the most vitriol on McCain right now are the Trump supporters, though I’ve seen it on the far left too.

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        • Bipartisanship has become demonized. Trumpists call any Republican willing to work with Democrats RINOs (Republicans In Name Only). It’s meant to be pejorative.

          McCain was one of the very last Republicans who was willing to be bipartisan. It’s tragic what has happened to the GOP. It’s been hijacked by conscienceless, self serving monsters.

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