Stop being polite.


The outspoken congresswoman Maxine Waters has been attacked by Trump and his administration, accused of “inciting violence” even though Trump and his minions have said far worse things about their perceived enemies, and against anyone who disagrees with Trump.   You may love or hate Maxine Waters. You may find her outspokenness refreshing, or you may find it annoying or even rude,  but at least she’s not afraid to speak out for what she believes and call out evil where she sees it.  She’s fearless.

We who oppose Trump’s immoral and cruel policies have been polite for too long, and it’s getting us nowhere.   Reasoning nicely with them has proven impossible.  Bipartisan solutions continue to fall on deaf ears.   They keep ramming through their self-serving, destructive agenda without a thought about what the people want or need.

They hate it when we speak up and try to make them accountable.  Silence and obedience is what they expect from us.  We don’t matter.  As we stand there extending olive branches and offering compromises, they say whatever they want to whomever they want — no matter how mean or rude or untrue.  Every day, they pick away at our civil rights and find new ways to undermine our right to freedom of speech.   They act like the 1st Amendment exists only for them and we have no right to it.   Soon it may exist only for them.

I probably don’t need to remind you that our democracy is almost gone.  Fascism is winning.   Trumpism is winning.  I don’t have to spell out the reasons why this is so or the events that have transpired that make it so obvious.   Most people probably sense it has arrived.  Our checks and balances no longer work.   We have a fascist tyrant who is breaking laws that any other president would have been crucified for — and he’s apparently untouchable.  The more he gets away with, the more suffering and atrocities he inflicts, and the more we operate as a dictatorship instead of a democracy.  I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but our descent is accelerating.

Now, we have concentration camps.  For children.  In America.  We are where Hitler’s Germany was just before he seized complete power with Reichstag Fire.   Things are going to get worse.  Maybe a lot worse.

I have no idea how much farther into the abyss we will fall — or if it even has a bottom.  There certainly seems to be no bottom to the abyss of the Trump regime’s capacity for evil.

Soon, we may no longer have the right to freedom of speech.  It may soon be illegal to say critical things about Trump or his policies, or even make a joke about one of his staffers.


They want us to be obedient little sheep, happily accepting their abuse.  Then tell us we’re the ones being rude and combative for protesting or expressing outrage.

Fuck that noise.  If they are rude to you, be rude back.  Why be nice to people who want to strip you of access to healthcare,  take away your Social Security,  rip babies from their mothers’ arms, and put little Hispanic children in cages?   Tell them how you really feel, while you still can.   Don’t let them gaslight you, project their own evil onto you, or say you just have Trump Derangement Syndrome which is making you overreact to the terrible things they do.

Most Democratic politicians seem to be afraid to speak truth to power.  They are afraid of not seeming politically correct.   When our country’s being overrun by a fascist dictator who could be the next Hitler, and who is already kidnapping and trafficking children and putting babies in cages, fuck political correctness.  Has the Trump side ever worried about political correctness?  Of course not.   Take a page from their book, and stop beng so nice.   They don’t play nice, so it isn’t going to work.  This may be our last chance to take a stand.

One more thing.  Stop tolerating the intolerant.


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  2. I think that you are no longer rational about this. There is virtually zero nuance or balance or perspective to your assertions in my opinion. Not interesting. You have let Donald Trump become your world. He’ll be gone in 4 or 8 years, then a socialist will get elected and you will have wasted that period of your life fretting about him. I think you should get back to your recovery and life. Otherwise he wins, over you anyways. Politicians are liars, get over it. His lies are especially obvious, unscripted and nakedly self serving. Hillary’s lies were conniving and smooth and scripted, but really just as obvious. She manipulated people just as much as him. Potaeto potahto. And this dominionist thing is absurd. Will never happen. Demographically impossible. Against all trends. If you’re losing sleep over that i would have to say you’re really out of touch. What happened to you? Sorry to be so blunt but i think you’re wasting your life being one more voice in a hysterical echo chamber. Why don’t you consume some opposite perspective and at least be reasonable and interesting? Did you know that it is healthy to Express (almost) every emotion? EXCEPT raging and ranting. That does nobody any good.


    • I take this as an indirect way of telling me I suffer from the fictional malady called “Trump Derangement Syndrome.” I wish that was all it was. I wonder, why are you still reading this blog?


      • Hoping you’ll get a grip or say something that’ll convince me that trump is the Hitler you say he is.

        Plus i like to hear all sides.

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