The paradox of tolerance.



9 thoughts on “The paradox of tolerance.

  1. I see from this an as yet unsolved puzzle. Can the intolerant be gently and tolerantly reformed through civil discourse? I suspect not. Certainly, among those of an uncompromising and authoritarian inclination, civility and compromise is seen as weakness, but a firm opposition is seen as cause for violent retribution. They are at war. It is folly for those who would follow their own better angels to not recognize that they are unwillingly in that war and that the stakes are high.

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    • Their intolerance is fueled by fear, which is due to ignorance. If education for all was a higher priority in this country, I think we’d be more like Europe and have fewer of these uncompromising, authoritarian types of people.

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      • Yes, real education, stuff like critical thinking, accurate history, and science. It is important to remember that our founders were students of all that, and of the classics. I’m quite bothered about the idea of combining the departments of education and labor. Education needs to be about more than “workforce development”.

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      • Fear? Perhaps for some.

        I can feel the call of bloodlust, though – teeth that hunger for the crackle of bones crushing, and the salt-taste of innocent blood.

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