The problem with white liberals.

We are too nice.  On mainstream media, with a few exceptions, white liberal pundits and commentators mince their words and are afraid to speak truth to power.   Our unwillingness to offend others tends to correlate with high empathy and concern about social justice issues, but now is not the time for us to be polite.

In the media, it’s the anti-Trump conservatives, like Steve Schmidt and Nicolle Wallace, who are speaking up fearlessly against Trump and his heartless, anti-American policies, not white liberals, who still make excuses and try to find “reasons” for why he does the things he does.   There are no good reasons.  His mind doesn’t work like a normal person’s.  He is not a good person and never will be.   He cares about no one but himself.   He will never change.   He’s a liar, a grifter, a con artist, a malignant narcissist, a racist, a misogynist, a fascist, and an all around bad person.  We need to stop pretending he has “better angels” just waiting for the right moment to reveal themselves, because he doesn’t.  So we need to stop using weasel words and euphemisms.  That just dilutes our message and will ultimately help Trump achieve his totalitarian goals.

Our unwillingness to offend is going to kill us.    Democrats and liberals, THIS is the way it should be done:

Steve Schmidt video

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  1. Well said. No ‘better angels’… “He’s a liar, a grifter, a con artist, a malignant narcissist, a racist, a fascist, and an all around bad person.” Excellent point about white liberals not standing up to Trump as well the anti-Trump conservatives. We need to follow their example, in this instance. They obviously know better exactly who they’re dealing with.

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  2. Don’t you have another blog post about white which I wrote a comment on? I can’t remember the title and can’t find any link. Where is it? It should be connected with this one. Oh, and yes! We are too nice? You remember that song, “Love Me, I’m a Liberal?”

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  3. Being nice about Trump, only earns his contempt, and in the case of the media only gives him more permission to attack and discredit. Engaging in the contortions of false equivalency in the name of “objectivity” has the same effect.

    I remember that song, “Love Me, I’m a Liberal” by Phil Ochs, and one that strikes me as important in these times as it was in his, appropriate to this discussion, “When I’m Gone.” I had to stop and listen. Phil is gone, long gone, but we still have the song.

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  4. About (fictional) witches (and people like them…):

    “That kind of person does *not* listen to talk.”

    For the longest time – until the last few days, in fact – I wondered why I’d acquired, or somehow learned, about *the dark side of the social world*. While thinking like ‘the worst bullies imaginable’ poisons one’s view of humanity – it makes the picture portrayed by Thomas Hobbes in “Leviathan” look welcoming – it gives insight into how *the very worst people think*.

    It says there is *nothing* good in them; it teaches that they must be fought ‘tooth and nail’, with complete ruthlessness, much as if one had *Joshua’s* marching orders; it speaks of not negotiating with them whatsoever, as that will allow them to win – and ‘winning’ is the only thing with that kind of a person.

    Yep – they win, and you lose. Stay away when you can – if you cannot, go for the jugular. Think of it as being in a well-disguised ***death-camp*** – because it is that now, and if nothing is done, the disguise will fall off.

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