Republican Steve Schmidt’s rant about crooks and weirdos in the White House.

I don’t usually post stuff from political pundits, but I’m making an exception here.

If only all Republicans were like strategist Steve Schmidt, Trump and his ever-changing clown car of criminals would be long gone.   He tells the truth about this administration, which is nothing but an organized crime syndicate serving as a piggy bank and power grab for America’s greediest sociopaths.   Their only goal outside of getting filthy rich and powerful at the expense of the working people of this country is to destroy everything that was ever good about America and replace it with a fascist dictatorship.

I may not agree with all of  Schmidt’s politics, but he’s a decent man who isn’t afraid to speak truth to power.   He’s also hilarious.     This isn’t the first of his epic rants against the Trump administration.  You can catch him on Nicolle Wallace’s show every day on MSNBC.

Republican Strategist Goes on Epic Rant About “Assemblage of Crooks” and “Outright Weirdos” Working for Trump

4 thoughts on “Republican Steve Schmidt’s rant about crooks and weirdos in the White House.

  1. Thanks. It is a help to know that there is at least one sane Republican with a spine. It has been obvious to me since Trump first announced his run for the office that he saw the Presidency as a subsidiary of the family business.

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  2. I don’t see (or hear) where Schmidt has said “replace [our American system] with a fascist dictatorship.” But props to him for standing up, and saying what needs to be said in his own right.

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  3. Steve Schmidt is not a Republican. He is the Stephen Colbert of political strategist. A truly hateful person with no career that saw an opportunity to be a Trump hater. A complete phone.


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