Lazy day.


It’s gorgeous outside today (though unseasonably hot) but for some reason I have no energy at all.  It’s not lack of sleep, since I slept for about 11 hours and woke up late.   I’m too tired to even go for a drive.   Maybe it’s my SAD kicking in.  Sometimes I get more fatigued than depressed when that happens.

So I’m just going to read for a while and then maybe take a nap.  After that,  I’ll spend some time on this blog.  Maybe I’ll write a post or maybe I won’t, but it’s time for some organization.   I made a new category last night (Politics and Trumpism) since I have so many related posts now and they need to be in their own section!

Hope everyone is having a great day!



12 thoughts on “Lazy day.

  1. Your area is geared for warmer than usual weather this winter (so far) according to NOAA, re: La Nina returning to Pacific NW. (Yay). That phenomenon seems to cause opposite weather patterns on the other side of the country. I’m guessing it may create a bit of disruptions to the norm in other parts of the world also.
    That was a sarcastic “yay” above. More rain is good but a whole lot of it being dumped in huge bucket loads not so good.
    The lower south/midwest is due for the most warm-up. Global warming is helping to speed things right along but scientists might have found something to draw some of the extra CO2 emmissions out of the atmosphere. Hopefully.


    • Hi Jason! I’m sorry about your week. The reason you can’t comment is because the post is over 4 months old — I have it set up to close comments for posts older than that. I’m sorry! What did you want to say? You can say it here.


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