I’ll be crossing this off my bucket list in 2018.


I have two weeks vacation coming up in Summer 2018, but I’m pretty certain my boss will allow me to take it in mid-May.

It’s the perfect time to visit my son in Florida again — not too hot yet, but warmer than it was last April (it was a bit chilly!).  However, this time we’re doing something different.  We’ll spend about 5 or 6 days in the Tampa area like we did last year, and visit places like Clearwater and Tarpon Springs, but then I’m planning planning to take everyone to Key West for a few days.   It’s not expensive if we pool our resources and drive there from central Florida rather than flying and then worrying about car rentals.

3 reasons visiting why Key West is on my bucket list:

1.  The beaches.

2. The six toed cats.

3. It might not be around much longer.

I just talked to my son and he’s eager to do this too.


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