The famous Hemingway cats are in path of Irma.


On November 1 of last year, I wrote this post about the famous six-toed cats who live at the Ernest Hemingway Home in Key West, Florida.

Unfortunately, the house and the cats are in the path of the worst of Irma as it passes over the Keys within the next 24 hours.

Although they have not been evacuated,  the loving staff is staying behind to care for the cats (who number about 50) and the home during Irma.   The home is old and very sturdy, so I think they will be okay.

Please send your thoughts and prayers to all the cats and the staff who are staying behind.

Visiting Key West one day and spending time with the cats (and enjoying the beautiful beaches there) is definitely on my bucket list.


UPDATE (9/11/17):

Good news!  All 54 Hemingway cats are SAFE!

15 thoughts on “The famous Hemingway cats are in path of Irma.

  1. Oh i hope they’ll be OK!! Its sad the kitties couldn’t get out!! Brave of staff to stay behind with them! I hope they have something strong to go inside of in case the house blows. I hope not but just in case, lives first!!!
    My prayers will include them as well! Thank you for sharing, omg!!

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  2. Hey Otter, I am sorry that this is off topic of the cats. I will pray for these babies though and hope that they are safe.

    I am wondering, since you’ve been watching this thing, do you know if Ocala is in the path of Irma? My mother, who as I think you might know, I don’t speak to for the reasons that I write about on my blog.

    Mr B…the man I live with has offered to call her to see if she is ok. I am really apprehensive about that but also I’m thinking about it too. My mother has done some shitty stuff to me as an adult but I still don’t wish anything bad on her. And I am in fact worried.

    I am guessing that the whole of Florida is in its path though. (?) I haven’t given it much thought because Ocala is inland, until it came to my attention just a bit ago that all of Florida could be affected.

    I have tried to make sense of where it is, but am having a hard time reading it. Thanks. And sorry to hijack your post.

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    • Ocala is a bit north and yes, more inland than Tampa is. She should be ok as long as she is in a sturdy dwelling and has enough food to last a few days to aq week and other supplies should she lose power or water. There will be a lot of wind, but I think by the time it reacheds Ocala it should have been downgraded to possibly a Cat 2. She will be scared but she should be ok. I hope she isn’t all alone! That would be terrifying. And no, you didn’t hijack my post.

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  3. “Let’s Run in the circle, opposite to each other. Until we are thrown into the sky by the storm swirling in between us. I’ll hold your hands and I’ll hug you, let me be your wings. Let’s fall on the clouds and let’s dance on the rainbow. Let’s bore a hole in that sky until we fall back to the sea with the rain. And Let’s swim back to the shore, to play the game of circle again.”
    ― Akshay Vasu

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