Oh no, here we go again.


Like the Terminator or the zombies from Night of the Living Dead, Trumpcare just refuses to die.

That’s right.  Not two days have passed since their repeal bill was killed in the Senate, and already these criminals and grifters who have hijacked the GOP are attempting to revive their Frankenstein monster of a healthcare bill.

You can read all about it here:


I can think of at least 12 reasons why they want to keep reviving this monster in spite of its vast unpopularity, even among members of their own party.

Why do they keep trying to revive Trumpcare?

  1. They NEED those tax breaks NOW and won’t stop until they get them.
  2. They really are trying to thin the herd.
  3. Donnie just HAS to have his WIN or else.
  4. It’s a form of mental torture intended to exhaust the resistance into submission and apathy.
  5. They are masochists trying to destroy their own party.
  6. They are sadists who like to watch people suffer (from preventable illness) and insanity (from their relentless reviving of this bill)
  7. They are ordained by God because they are the Elect and this is going to be a Christian nation so if you’re not rich like them or you’re sick it’s their holy duty to take away your healthcare.
  8. They really do think their plan will be help more people (yeah, right)
  9. They believe in more “freedom” and “choice” (the freedom to die or go bankrupt; the “choice” argument is bogus)
  10. They are being pressured to pay off their donors (through tax breaks)
  11. Trump is desperately trying to distract from the Russian investigation and besides causing constant drama and chaos among his staff, this is the easiest way to do it.   He’s not very creative.
  12. It’s actually a stealth attempt to force us to adopt single-payer (nahhhh…although that could be the end result).

They are relentless.  Please make it stop.

12 thoughts on “Oh no, here we go again.

  1. Everybody seems to want the free market opportunity for health care.

    Unfortunately it will not work because, the multi-million dollar insurers have abused their free market privileges. They want the opportunity to continue in the business they are in because it is profitable, and supports multi-million dollar CEOs with ease.

    Well, maybe it’s time to say good-bye to them. Maybe we really should push everyone on to Medicare. Maybe it’s time to vastly improve Medicare. No more Health Insurance Companies. All gone. No more private market supplemental policies.

    Health Insurance companies show no desire to insure. Their attitude continues to be squeezing all they can from the so-called insured only to advise their customers of what is not covered. That menu increases with time.

    Those companies have abused the free market. Taken advantage of it.

    How do we improve Medicare. The government must fund it without exception. If you are employed, look at your payroll deductions. You are currently paying for Medicare. Same with Social Security but, that’s a whole other story.

    Put the medical back in to Medicare. The governing panel of Medicare would be stripped of being under the auspices of the United States Congress, and remember, you’re paying for it, and we must have laws that forbid political tampering with funding..

    The governing body of Medicare would be Scientists, Doctors, Nurses,and Public Medical Advocates They would not serve any political entity. Could not be fired by any political entity or, hired by any political entity.

    I have not thought this completely through as you can tell because, there would have to be a way for these people to be hired, and fired if necessary.


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    • I don’t think “everybody” wants free market healthcare. Conservatives do. I know , as many know, the free market solution does not work, never has worked. The ACA was an improvement over what we had before (nothing) but is still not a good solution. I’m all for single payer and I hope and pray I’ll see it in my lifetime. I don’t know why the GOP can’t get with the program. Oh, I know. Greed. They don’t care.

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    • Is to try to convince you that the horrible thing they are plotting to do to you is for your own good. The gaslighting of supposedly sane people pretending this appalling repeal is for the good of America the typical narcissist enabler on a grand scale. Its narcissist destruction of a grand scale

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      • That’s exactly what it is and it’s fcked up beyond belief. They are evil, pure and simple. There’s no other way around that. Using religion to justify their cruel and nefarious acts and then blaming everyone but themselves. Then they dare to call US obstructionists for opposing this assault. Gaslighting and projection on a massive scale is exactly what it is. This is how dictatorships start, and I’m afraid they’re winning.

        One other thing I’ve noticed is if you complain or show concern, Trump supporters will tell you that you are being “hysterical” or “exaggerating” (sound familiar?) or listening to fake news (yet they’re the ones who listen to Fox News and Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity and read Breitbart). Gaslighting 101 is what it is.

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