A reminder about the ads on this site.

I’ve noticed a few ads on this blog that support far right candidates who stand for causes I disagree with.  Before Trump’s election,  I noticed pro-Trump ads here too.

I realize not everyone will see the same ads.  Ads are placed according to your geographic region, and what websites you might have visited lately, among other factors. (It’s always creepy to me when I visit a site or view a product, and later that day, see an ad for that site or product on my blog).

If you are seeing ads here that go against the content of this blog (or that you personally find offensive), please be aware that I have no control over which ads appear here.    I’m a member of WordAds, the advertising platform available to WordPress.com members.   So I can’t pick and choose my ads, the way someone who is self-hosted can.

This is just a reminder.  If the ads are too much of a problem, you can always use an ad blocker.

4 thoughts on “A reminder about the ads on this site.

  1. OK. I don’t look at them. There’s so many………ads. Most of the ones I happen to glance at are posted by PETA. (I already sign animal rights petitions, after carefully going over them & checking the content of course).

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    • Oh, good, you’re an animal lover too ❤ PETA is a bit extreme, and I agree it's always a good idea to check the contents of the ads before signing everything. You also have to be careful since some sites you click on might hijack your system or contain malware.

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