Mental Illness and Lethal Medical Neglect

We may not use concentration camps, but in America today, we are still practicing eugenics and the mentally ill are one of the main targets for extermination. The proposed “healthcare bill” and Trump’s horrifying budget that targets social programs that help the most vulnerable, including the mentally ill, is nothing less than a social Darwinist way of weeding out the “unfit.”   Eugenicists believe it’s our moral responsibility to allow natural selection to take care of the “unfit” and the weakest, eg, let them die and refuse them any support.   How ironic that so many who deny science and evolution are using  a “law of nature” described by Darwin himself to get rid of people who don’t “contribute to society.”   Or is it just hypocrisy, which they are well known for?

Let’s not sugar coat things.  The ugly truth is that what this administration is trying to do is slow mass genocide.   They have declared war on us.


3 thoughts on “Mental Illness and Lethal Medical Neglect

  1. No. Not *natural* selection. Eugenics is an active program, rather than the passive influence which ‘darwinism’ suggests. (I’m not a darwinist, by the way; creation appeals to me as a much more likely means of achieving the ordered world which in truth exists…. Note to the (un)wise: don’t train engineers if you want people to venerate superstition/scientism…)

    Eugenics ties into the idea that therevis ‘only one true correct way of existance for the whole humanity’; and just what that looks like is a function of one’s milieu and one’s rank within said milieu.

    This is not new: there have always been ‘national comrades’/ Volksgenossen, and ‘community aliens’/ Gemeinschaftsfremden, and the first likely instance of this playing out was upon ‘the plain of shinar’ in Genesis – where Nimrod was the leader, and the state of unity present there was profound enough that ‘nothing will be beyond them’.

    Hence the introduction of difference through langauge.

    This is why every leader wishes utterly homogeneous followers, as alike as corn-kernals in a barrel of un-popped popcorn – as through the magic(k) of extreme homogeneity, the one-soul’d nation will have ‘magic(k)al powers’…

    “And nothing will be beyond them AND their leader, whom they will follow as IF HE WERE GOD.”

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  2. Upon reading the pointed-to, I was only a *bit* surprized at the outcome regarding the woman ‘complaining’ about the recently-discharged individual ‘digging in the trash’ for his food.
    (She was fired for ‘annoying her betters’.)

    It is instances like this – I’ve endured things that resemble this kind of thing, in the past – that make me think that proving ***real*** help is largely an illusion much of the time. Rather, the true goal is making the individuals and/or organizations providing such ‘help’ ***look good*** – and thereby increasing their standing in the hierarchy (overall).

    I find that interpretation the sole plausible one any more, in such circumstances; and I am sick of it!
    It makes me feel as if I am cynicism embodied; as if I have somehow escaped earth, and now consort with demons in a real-life version of (Dante’s) inferno, with neither God nor his emissaries to help and comfort me; and finally, as if I myself have become a strangely-impotent species of personality-disordered social predator!

    The last is ***not*** helped with people naming ‘more-normal ***appearing*** autists’ as being ‘an especially %bad% species of Narcissist’, a Narcissist with ***all*** of the bad portions – those portions Normdom reviles – and ***none*** of the things that make narcissists &attractive& (to Normies), e.g ‘no social skills’, no superficial charm, inept liars, etc.

    Duh, being unable to ‘read’ people consistently ‘in real time, while doing other things like talking’ means one is a singularly ineffectual social-gamesmaster – in all ways, not merely the predatory form of psychological manipulation.

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